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Mimes at the "March for America" rally in Washington D.C. try to prevent Roy from speaking with pro-amnesty protesters.

Illegal Immigration
Jack 7364 of MI's picture
I was amazed that the media was out of the picture. I watched newscasts all day and did not hear any mention of this illegal rally. Where is ICE when you need them.
Vince 0041 of PA's picture
Such ingorance is amazing. There is a first amendment issue here: Roy, they were trying to deny YOUR freedom of speech. We need to march, and we won't need to hide our faces behind clown makeup.
Barbara 2952 of WA's picture
Why be amazed at the media?...they are in lockstep with the extreme left who demand their right to prevent you from speaking, to scream in your face, knock you down, destroy property, intimidate you and/or your family, and deny you a voice in our republic, simply because they don't like what you say and what they think you think or they don't want your arguments or viewpoint to be heard?. Welcome to the tollerance of the left - where no civil discourse is allowed, no debate, no opposiing viewpoint is allowed. There is no dissent or fairness when it comes to you, but god forbid you try to stop them from their screaming, their disgraceful and anti-American behavior (to deny others the right to free speech ) their utter disregard for private property and for the rights of anyone who has an opposing viewpoint. That is not how we behave in America. You don't see the people for Legal Immigration trying to prevent the speech or protests of those who oppose them. What happened to debate, to consideration, to courtesy, and believing that you may not like what your opponent has to say, but defending his right to the death, to be able to say it?
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Tiffany 9917 of CA's picture
Just watched this again to remind me what aggression is on the other side. Makes me feel more civil as I ramp up to join the rally in my neighborhood tonight! Good Luck all Americans! Good luck and may the government see that we will no longer put up with mindless mimes!