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Roy speaks with various protesters at the March for America.  Click here to view more coverage of the pro-amnesty event.

America's Jobless
Interior Enforcement
Illegal Immigration
illegal workers
immigration reform
Tim 3659 of FL's picture
I am sorry but from what I have seen these people seem to have a narrow view of the world and no real grasp on the situation. But will scream and yell like crazy people. I am pretty sure none of them have been replaced by illegal aliens or maybe they employ them, either way that need to open their eyes and see whats cooking .
Kathleen 5782 of NJ's picture
I was puzzled by the fact that the Black woman who debated Roy was supportive of open borders and showed such disrespect for our great nation when Black Americans are so hard hit by both illegal and legal immigration. The unemployment rate and job displacement of Black Americans due to foreign labor is appalling beyond words, so Black Americans have the biggest stake in working to end illegal immigration and reduce legal immigration. I also have news for her: I am not an "immigrant "and should not be included in the group of people who have broken into my country. I was born in this country so I am a Native American, my father was a WWII disabled veteran, and I have the right to fight for this country that I love so much. Such arguments are used to convince Americans that they have no right to this country. I'm not buying it!
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Michael 2817 of CA's picture
This poor Woman has nothing but hate running her veins for the United States. She is talking to Roy as if he was the United States and he personally has done all the things she know nothing about.
Steven 0960 of FL's picture
You are very Brave! The YouTube Videos were great work. They show how much the people do not understand how immigration effects our country.
Roberta 6584 of PA's picture
When I get really discouraged about how hard I work on immigration issues, with little results, I go to You Tube and watch videos of what is actually going on at the border. It charges my batteries for another week. Have you seen the videos of the Mexican police and military crossing our border? Steven, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for serving our country.
Ben 4016 of NC's picture
I wonder how those who are for open borders would feel if I moved into their house told them that I should be allowed to stay, that they would have to pay for mine as well as my families food, clothing, education etc. etc. Oh and by the way it doesn't matter how crowded the house gets they would have to put up with it. I doubt they would put up with it for long. I really doubt they've thought this through. Actually I doubt they have even thought about it at all. Lastly what exactly are they willing to give up in order to have "open borders"? I found it interesting that they weren't interested in listening at all to anyone who disagreed with them.
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CF 2006 of CA's picture
This ignorant woman, apparently never read a history book. The United States "took" everything from Mexico." I guess she never heard how Texas fought and won a war of independence. Remember the Alamo? I guess she's isn't aware that the Californio's out west had also declared themselves independent, re: The Bear Flag Republic. I guess shes never heard of the Gadsten Purchase. Maybe she forgot about the $13 million, Mexico accepted as payment for the southwest. Maybe she not aware, that there were less than 1000 Mexican citizens, north of today's border, 1848. I could go on, all day....sheesh.
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Roberta 6584 of PA's picture
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 11.9% of all American workers belong to unions. Unions are little more than just another minority special interest group looking for more benefits at the tax payer's expense. Ask people you know what percentage of workers are unionized. Wait until they respond and then give them that number. 11.9% 11.9% 11,9%
NumbersUSA dmin of VA's picture
So, according to this theory, we should give North America back to Great Britain because we took it away from them in the Revolution. Right? And Mexico should give their land back to Spain because they took it away from Spain in a revolution, right? Total ignorance.
Roberta 6584 of PA's picture
This is a perfect example of the tactics of the amnesty/open border groups. They have no cogent fact-based responses. Their rantings are old tired cliches. Their main tactic is to refuse to answer the question and instead, immediately divert the topic at hand and just scream out their position. You can't have an intelligent conversation with a person like this.