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On November 19, 2009, NumbersUSA President Roy Beck testified before a House forum, urging members of Congress to suspend non-essential immigration to help alleviate high unemployment numbers. The forum was called by House Judiciary Ranking Member Lamar Smith (R-Texas) and Immigration Subcommittee Ranking Member Steve King (R-Iowa).

Roy Beck
Immigration Suspension

LiLy 1447 of FL's picture
I wish you would copy and sell this video. I could definately buy a few. They should be distributed in work places, schools, my childrens homes and friends...parks. This is so informative. Thanks Roy, great job..P.S.Al Gore released his video in Blockbuster rental stores. It was on going green and the distruction of the earth and it's resources. Many ppl that I know have rented it or bought it. That was a few years ago.This would be so educational for ppl to be able to rent or buy.

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youre a hero sir!! keep up the good fight, were behind you all the way! God bless America!!

Valerie 1488 of CA's picture
Unbelievably simple, Roy! Either Congress is too stupid to comprehend this math, or they're traitors who place their votes only to appease campaign contributors or the hispanics they want as a massive voting block. Either way it's a tragedy.

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Left-wing supporter of Numbers USA ! Our economy is collapsing.When illegal immigrants come here they can be used as scabs destroying unions.If they can't find work they will be homeless or need to turn to crime.They will be the scapegoats for the economic situation.My fellow leftist are so moronic! Open borders is not social democracy-its neither left or right .It is brain-damaged thinking

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You did a wonderful job, Mr. Beck. Thank You so much for your work