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During the "March for America" in Washington D.C., one pro-amnesty protester tells Roy that some Americans won't do certain low-skill jobs. More than 70% of employees in the service industry are native born according to data from the Department of Labor.

American workers
Legal Immigration
Paul 8845 of OR's picture
I have heard the same mantra from other illegals and in far more vulgar words, they have convinced themselves they are irreplacable workers and that Americans are too fat and lazy to work hard, to cover up their own illegal status. Since they are new to the country, they have no idea how hard Americans have worked, they only see they are doing manual labor while their employers drive around in white collar positions.the man speaking thinks like a child having been trained to think the US government is here solely to take care of illegal aliens. Since he did not listen to Roy, he did not grasp that there are billions of workers just like him in other countries who would displace him in the workplace.Americans have learned since the 80s that none of us are secure in our jobs. The man interviewed was quick to blame the gringo and congress for everything, another charming trait of the invaders.
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Craig 7979 of CA's picture
Ridiculous argument, with same reasoning that is backbone of many '-isms' (racism, sexism, ageism, etc.).Such a statement is derogatory either to US workers in general (they won't lower themselves) or even somewhat dreogatory to the illegal who takes the job (in general, they perhaps have lower standards...and are therefore willing to take such a job).
Thomas 1289 of MT's picture
Poor Roy, the man got caught up with your typical illiterate most likely illegal alien blaming Roy for all the worlds problems. Just shows how stupid this person is with his dumb logic that Americans won't do the jobs that the uneducated must do because that is all that they are qualified for. Well that is complete B.S. and frankly I'm sick of hearing these illegal aliens spout this garbage as some reason that we should allow them to stay in this country. These people have no respect for anyone or anything, just look at the women wearing the Catholic Priests collar. I mean how much more disrespectful can one be to someones religion as doing that I ask all of you!!!
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Lorraine 9710 of TN's picture
These people have been brain-washed with propaganda. This man seems to think that illegals are good for this country because they spend money in this country but if you go to the post office on a Friday or Saturday you will see lines of them sending their money back to their country of origin. My daughter works at a McDonalds that hires 95 % illegals. When an American walks into this McDonalds for a job the management tells them that there are no openings. Yet, let an hispanic walk into McDonalds that same day and they will give them a job. It's time to boycot McDonalds because they are traitors to their own country. These people are also lazy. They stand around shirking their duties. Some don't come to work but their buddies punch in for them. This is a disgrace. McDonald's is a disgrace..
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Jack 7364 of MI's picture
I saw this clip on Sunday, It is amazing that someone lacking a 3rd grade education can call us lazy. WE ARE THE ONES that are not asking the government to support us.
Jack 7364 of MI's picture
If you see businesses hiring illegals, please report them. If you use this website you can report this company to ICE and IRS. They helped to do the reports that resulted in a $1 million fine that McDonald's (in Nevada) had to pay.
Pauline 3152 of CA's picture
Whoever started this mantra "They do the jobs americans won't do"? Apologists for illegals have no proof of anything they say. They just parrot what they heard someone else say.When people get hungry enough they'll work. The trouble is, very few in this country know what it is to be hungry anymore. A depression might be the best thing for our country, to acquaint these over-fed brats with true hardship again.
Ron 6865 of OR's picture
American citizens have always lost jobs when technology advances. How many people do you know who actually work as telephone operators anymore? The ATM machine, also, has replaced many bank tellers. Yet illegal aliens demand that we preserve their employment opportunities, even if it means sabotaging our economic and technological advancement. Their agricultural jobs can be almost always replaced with equipment, yet they will sue to stop it. That's what they did in California. Do American workers, like bank tellers, sue when their jobs are eliminated? Even jobs like cleaning toilets are slowly being eliminated (no pun intended) by automatically flushing toilets. I don't care if rich people can't get landscapers or nannies that isn't part of my world. I don't care if the business parks around here have elegantly manicured landscaping how often am I there? And we certainly don't need these people as airline mechanics when they can't even read the instructions. They are little more than a brake on our economy, no matter what their hireling "experts" claim. Americans are entrepreneurial enough that they could figure out a better way to do these tasks, if they are absolutely necessary, and then we wouldn't have these deadbeats complaining and demonstrating about "justicia."
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Patricia 9930 of CO's picture
I was a seamstress for many years. I was very good at my job. I liked my job and I WANTED my job, but I was replaced by someone who couldn't even read the worksheet. Am I pissed? Yes I am. My trade is pretty much sewn up ( I love that pun) by illegals.
Joseph 1311 of MO's picture
Unfortantely Patricia, your "pun" is more of a "pun"ishment provided by our federal government and many lackluster politicians. (Did I repeat myself there?) It is not until we American citizens exercise and exert our Constitutinal Rights over our so-called representatives in the forsaken leadership and members of Congress will we see our country free and pure to those who are welcomed with open arms in a legal way.
Robert 2874 of TX's picture
What a shame! These Illegals can not correct the corruption( rampant) however expect to come to the USA ,be supported by the USA taxpayers & make demands that their country will jail them for! The citizens of the USA will not accept your chtldish mime's & toy whistle's,dealers,gangs! Take all your toys and go home to fix your own country.