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In March 2009, Pres. Barack Obama hosted a health care summit at the White House where he addressed the nursing shortage. Pres. Obama said he favored improving conditions for American nurses before importing foreign nurses to fill open jobs.

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How Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Obama or anyone else in Congress can think that allowing illegal aliens who have invaded our country and broken our laws to be so rewarded as they want to reward them is unconcievable. Surely, they must have more brains than that. Wouldn't you think that as Americans themselves, they would want to make our country better by providing employment and schooling, etc to Americans? I don't understand there position in this matter. It could be they are all Socialists and want to turn our country into a Socialist country. God forbid. It is not such an outrageous premise when you look at everything that is happening to bring our country down; such as organizations like the ACLU trying to take every cross and religous symbol, etc away but allowing other symbols to take their place. We the People need to demand that our Government get busy and work for the people who pay their salaries; us, the American people, citizens of this great country we love who do not want to see it taken over by aliens, Globalists, Socialists or any other group with an agenda that we Americans will not tolerate.

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