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This ad was part of a campaign to increase awareness on some of the negative impacts that high immigration levels can have. From unemployment rates to overpopulation to straining public services, high levels of uncontrollable immigration impact millions of Americans.

America's Jobless
American workers
Illegal Immigration
Matthew 1495 of MA's picture
Due to the lighting, it looks like she has a nose ring. I didn't pay much attention to what she said because I couldn't stop staring at her nose.
Marti 9173 of CA's picture
Matthew, she reminds me of my 23 year old niece, nose ring and all. She's attending Brandeis College right now and is very confused about politics. She, and my other niece, want to "save the world" which sounds good in theory. They haven't matured enough to realize the consequences of illegal immigration. I'm going to forward this video to both nieces. NumbersUSA was right on in using this girl in their commercial. I think it's something that young voters can relate to.
Larry 6390 of KS's picture
Good videos NumbersUSA! Thanks for giving us tools to help us spread the word to our friends to support NumbersUSA in this crucial cause!! That's exactly what I did! I wish I could support monetarily, but I no longer have a job, due in part, to a system that spends my tax dollars supporting criminal activity (i.e. ILLEGAL aliens).Perhaps NumbersUSA should peruse that angle -- that US citizens won't pay taxes to support criminal activity!! That in itself is a crime (called aiding and abetting criminal activity) so paying taxes would, technically, make taxpayers criminals!!!BTW, the REAL number of Illegals in this country is nowhere near the 8 million referenced in your videos that's way too conservative an estimate. -- An unemployed American veteran
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Glen 3495 of TX's picture
Washington will do nothing to curb illegal immigration.....all they see is potential voters....meanwhile illegals are draining resources from the satates and legalAmericans who need help...
Alfred 9580 of WA's picture

We can not allow illegal aliens to run across the border, then call their kids U.S. citizens. Illegal aliens have to be held accountble! This insanity can not be condoned, tolerated, nor continued in a civilized country, this United States of Americans! -Al.

Steven 7678 of TX's picture
For every foreign worker we have working puts one American out of work and on government aid! And this month Obama put 1.7 Americans out of work.