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This game camera was set up by concerned citizens along the Southwest border. The first video captures two illegal aliens armed with rifles and scopes. The next video captures illegal alien drug mules who are carrying backpacks filled with marijuana. The black jugs filled with water help them hide at night time. The final video captures an illegal alien carrying a MAC-10 machine gun.

border control
Kathy 6235 of FL's picture
President Obama wants to cut border patrol and take American's guns away while illegal immigrants are crossing with drugs and guns? Does anyone think it would matter to him if he were to take a look at what's really happening at border crossings? I don't think he cares enough about America.
Virginia 7755 of UT's picture
Why isn' t this video being shown on all Major TV stations and especially to Reid , Pelosi and Obama?? Is this what they mean by letting illegal immigrants become good citizens in our country?? I am totally disgusted by our administration---I say we send our government officials to Mexico---let them sneak into Mexico and see what happens to them once they get in.
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No one can say illegals better than Sheriff Arpaio,Joe’s Law: “Illegal Immigration isn’t only about who gets to vote or pay taxes or receive Social Security…. The confluence of illegal immigration, drugs, kidnapping, rape, murder, and probably any other immoral or illicit activity you can image, can only flourish because of the American inability protect our borders.” Sheriff Joe Arpaio (of AZ).Janette of CA
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We always knew that this activity was happening, now here is more proof. Remember if hundreds of illegal aliens can carry drugs, weapons, and other contraband, then terrorists can and have carried weapons [including wmd], surviellance equipment, drugs, money, false ids, and anything else needed to carry out terrorist attacks.
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I am incensed beyond imagination. What is the government's definition of a "terrorist"? These people look like terrorists to me. Where is our Homeland Security? Why are the rights of our Border States being impugned? Why is it outside the law for US citizens to defend their country against the incursion of illegal aliens?
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Well said Patricia. Good to see articulate women fighting. I'm 75 I don't get much past blood boil. It is the right and duty of a nation to control it's alien citizenery
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Well it is a felony to live in Mexico unless you are a citzen. They will take all your belongings Then you get to experience their jail. They are not like ours. little civil rights.
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I went to the websites David7543 mentioned. I didn't know I could be more po'd than I am. What good are these surveillance cameras with no personel to back them up. I just watched over 300 illegals, some drug mules, waltz into our country with no one to stop them. We have a lot of people returning from Iraq who need jobs. They have training, let's put them to work!The coyotes and prairie chickens were cute.
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Under no circumstances purchase Mexico property. Property land rights are different than America. Even if you pay cash, property can be seized by another. Only rent. That too is dangerous lifestyle in many Mexico cities. Living in AZ I hear accounts of unjust actions. Such as if an American is involved in auto accident, An American will be placed in jail until trial over. Even if suspect wa not the faulty party. An American's injury was life threatening while in jail. If he would have stayed in jail longer he would no longer be alive. On border drugs, and drug wars it is scary, less people visiting Rocky Point too!
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Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano will go to Mexico City from Feb. 16 to 18 to discuss with officials from the Western Hemisphere ways to “bolster global aviation security,” the department announced Friday. Napolitano also will meet with Mexican officials to discuss securing the U.S.-Mexico border and sharing information about “transnational threats,” a news release states. Story from Politico: Napolitano to Mexico
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I posted my comments on politico re: Homeland Security visit to Mexico We need to have gov erment listen to us! the taxpayers!
Walter 6631 of SC's picture
Good Work AZ: more States will come on board, It's not just job's. It's a Drug War, And there coming armed, And our Government wonts to make them leagle.
Michael 0401 of FL's picture
Get our boys coming home from Iraq/Afghanistan some nice work/federal bennies/pay, down on our borders. Now there's a plan for Obama, and Pelosi. Just saying Pelosi's name makes my skin crawl. God help us all!! Rise up America. Enough is enough!!!