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The late Terry Anderson spent his life standing up for the common people of Los Angeles. He believed his city and state were being overwhelmed by illegal aliens. On his radio show, he liked to say, "If you ain't mad, you ain't paying attention!"

Illegal Immigration
Darrell 0254 of IL's picture

I am an African American male and a supporter of NumbersUSA. This is my first time hearing about Terry Anderson. I am quit sure millions of African Americans feel the same way Terry and I do. Terry Anderson would have been the man to challenge people like Al Sharpen in regards to amnesty. It is a shame I never got an chance to meet this great, American fighter for Americans across our great country. My prayers are with Mr Anderson and the his family. May Terry Anderson rest in peace.

Linda 5722 of MI's picture

How sad that he cannot take his kids to the place his family spent time with him..thats just not right, yeah where are the al's and jesse's now? Not fair to an american citizen to be treated like this ..

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We have to fight and fight hard to stop and revers this illegal Invasion YES it is ruining parts off America fast and will spread like wild fire if we dont stamp it out!! a good place to start is In NOVEMBER!! this is our chance to vote out the bums in washington who support AMNESTY!!, we must all vote In conservative and patroitic candidates and wash out th OBAMA ADMIN thaen we can return to reducing and ending this DESTRUCTIVE illegal Invasion.
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I know this video was posted to honor Terry, whose death is a great loss to those who knew him, as well as to all friends of American sovereignty. At the same time, I wish other people who have seen their communities suffer under the foreign onslaught would film similar walkabouts and describe the disastrous changes. It would help our cause a lot to have many short films like this one.
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that's a good idea Dana. Derail Amnesty has a few videos showing what illegals have done to San Fernando Valley and L.A. We've posted them in different places as "coming to a town near you" and "Anytown U.S.A."
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I live in Southern California and used to listen to Terry on his radio show as well as on other local talk radio shows. My Friend, you are missed!! We will all keep up the fight against the invasion of America. RIP!
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Sitting here this Sunday watching videos on line of my little brother ,once again seeing that he was an American who loved his country. He tells of our connection to our many relatives and some of what we and them have survived to become Americans. Terry was not"just this guy". He not just a Hero to many people he spoke for, but to all AMERICANS. To people who are " are mad as hell" he is still here.....