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We launch our Spring Into Action 2011 nationwide activism campaign that details what you can do during Congress' two-week April recess.

Legal Immigration
Illegal Immigration
John 4110 of MI's picture
Yesterday a letter from 22 of the worst senators (certainly on immigration) going to Obama was reported in the news. The letter asked Obama to usurp congressional powers and essentially implement the Dream Act (amnesty for most illegal arriving before the age of 16) by administrative chicanery. Most of these Senators are among the worst of the worst. Some are retiring others do not face reelection for nearly four or six years. Any suggestion for a response for this flank attack?
Robin 6665 of CA's picture
Excellent plan Spring Into Action. Visit to Congressman Dreier's San Dimas, CA office. Date: Wednesday, April 20, Time: 3pm, Location: Congressman Dreier's local district office, 510 East Foothill Boulevard, San Dimas, CA 91773