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On January 28, 2013, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) responded to an immigration reform proposal from a "Gang of Eight" that includes Senators Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, Bob Menendez, Michael Bennet, Marco Rubio, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Jeff Flake.

Illegal Immigration
Debra 1781 of AZ's picture
Thank you Sen. Jeff Sessions!! The business of America should be one where there is opportunity but we all play by the rules not change the rules to accommodate those who broke them.
Betty 7634 of CA's picture
Betty 8317 Ca. To all of the above! You are all so right about Sen. Jeff Sessions!! We do need many, many more like him He is but a few that is truly for We Americans and not the illegals. It is tragic that so many of them have turned their backs on their fellow Americans. I am from California and our Gov Brown(Traitor)just signed a bill giving drivers license to illegals. This is the the kind of people we have running our government!! I don't know it is stupidity or greed that drives them! Probably both. They certainly don't care how it affects US their fellow Americans! I also thank Sen. Sessions and any others that will standup for OUR country and OUR American people!!!!
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Edward 3010 of CA's picture
We need a hundred Jeff Sessions. He first understands the details and consequences of amnesty, he has the experience of having lived through amnesties, and he will fight for America and Her citizens. God Bless Him
Steven 7110 of SC's picture

I was grocery shopping last night but stopped at service desk to purchase a money order and this Hispanic lady in front of me did not speak any English but speaking in Spanish purchased 2 cartons of cigarettes and a few lottery tickets. No big deal and when she was done I completed my transaction and then did my grocery shopping. When I filled my basket up with items I went to check out and was again behind the same Hispanic woman who was finishing up with the cashier and her total food bill from what I saw was just over $90. Nothing strange here until it was time to pay. She then wipped out a S.N.A.P. card and gave it to the cashier to pay for her groceries. For those of you who don't know what S.N.A.P. is it is food-stamps paid by tax-payers of the state. This happened in Gaithersburg Maryland. THEN the cashier asked for her I.D. and she did not understand english and the cashier showed her I.D. and said "ID, I need your ID" and finally the Hispanic lady understands and then gave the cashier her Passport. Her MEXICAN Passport. I was floored. It's bad enough that this low-life has money to buy cigarettes and lottery tickets but has no money to purchase food. And she is from Mexico and had a Mexican Passport and I don't have to tell anyone on this website what is totally wrong with this picture. This country is about to commit financial suicide on Friday and after seeing what took place at the grocery store last night it is not any surprise why this country has the massive debt that it has especially when they are supporting citizens of other countries who completely abuse the system. The government really needs to wake up and take a close look at what they are supporting and these are the people they say are deserving of US citizenship. No wonder most American citizens and legal immigrants are so irate.

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Carolyn 2540 of WA's picture
Thank You, Steven for sharing your story. Sadly, this goes on way to much as I've seen this myself. Have read lately that now as the illegals cross the border, as soon as a border agent approches, their just surrendering as they know they won't be deported. Why are we the only nation that allows so much lawlessness to happen to it's people ? We, the American people are suffering, and only a few of our represenatives seem to care, Are votes so important that they will sell out their own people for their own agenda ? I am very thankful for the ones that are trying, God Bless you, and to the rest... Shame on you.
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Joel 6067 of CA's picture
Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama has been with the American People for a very long time. He has tried to protect us many times and has many times. I hope he runs for President.
Florence 8898 of PA's picture
Thank God for Sen.Jeff Sessions and God save us from the likes of Sen.Rubio. Lord only knows what he's up to pushing for legalization/amnesty and we can't even guess what he stands to gain. One thing is for sure, his amnesty bill will cost over 6 trillion dollars and we simply don't have the money. We already have Section 212 of the Immigration & Nationality Act which requires that legal immigrants demonstrate that they won't be a public charge before they're granted entry into the U.S. Why are we not enforcing the laws that are on the books?
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John 6289 of NY's picture
ironic isn't it? how 1 in 5 children are starving in the USA while illegals are getting free food and housing for their children! Meanwhile our taxes are skyrocketing to pay for illegals or recent us legal immigrants! ha! now anchor babies are having anchor babies. Let's fight to save AMerica
Linda 1548 of CA's picture
God bless Jeff Session! He certainly speak out for America and it citizens, we need a lot more people like him in congress, a lot more republican who would help stop this stupid amnesty!
Cj 4082 of AL's picture
Time has come to STOP All Immigration for five (5) years and tell all the illegals...they have been educated, given health care and who knows all the other programs they have taken advantage of...GO Back where your parents came from .... You've educated and Rebuild your own country. U.S. Tax Paying U.S. Citizens have taken care of all illegals Long Enough. GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM. Time has come U.S. needs to help all U.S. citizens here who have lost their jobs and are looking for employment. Illegal law needs to be enforced...illegals born in U.S.A. are NOT U.S. Citizens...just because they were born in U.S.A. For the past 20 or more years... U.S. Citizen have already payed enough...Illegals NEED TO LEAVE...NO Longer Welcome here. SECURE THE BOARDERS. Already paid a big price ... they have sponged for over 20 years...Enforce Law Passed in 1990's to Secure Boarders and STOP Illegals. Illegals are No Longer U.S. Responsibility and No Longer...Welcome. WAKE UP AMERICA. Americans can no longer SAVE the World... Look what has happened in France...they are over run with people who have come into France. French people (with money) are leaving France and becoming other Country citizens...French taxes are destroying France. Americans Needs to Wake UP and realize....the time has come to focuse on Our Own People...who have fallen on bad times. A Concerned Citizen...
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Evan 8197 of NY's picture

I was an ardent supporter of Sen. Mcain. But when he sponsored the immigration reform, I am one of the millions who no longer supports him thereafter. It is a pity. What happened to him?

P. Kathy 1477 of TX's picture
I even voted for McCain, what a fool I was. He is really out of touch with the people. The people say NO! Who does he think he is that he knows what is best for us then we do? The old fool.
Charles 3427 of NC's picture
RE: "I even voted for McCain"Same here, but the other choice would have been an indeed turned out to be much worse. Hopefully, after the Obamanation experience, more folks will wise up and vote for the better of evils.