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On Sunday, October 2, 2011, Roy was a guest on MSNBC's "Up with Chris Hayes". Roy was asked about Alabama's immigration enforcement law, but he also discussed the merits of Chairman Lamar Smith's Legal Workforce Act.

America's Jobless
Illegal Immigration
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Robert 4907 of DE's picture

Roy, you did very good, but not one of your best interviews with a liberal. I wish you would have praised Alabama. Where did this come in that we must teach illegal alien children? If another country, Mexico for example, wanted us to teach their children, they should be paying us, not the other way around. Maybe along with the birthright citizenship, this teaching illegal alien children should be ended, also.

Maybe NumbersUSA should be talking about ths.

NumbersUSA dmin of VA's picture
I have the utmost respect for Roy going on MSNBC. It's amazing how twisted these lefties are on the issue of illegal immigration. You have to wonder what is in it for them, to promote the idea of allowing foreigners to break our laws and take over our country. When the host guy said all that stuff about how Americans don't like illegals because they're "THe Other" I sneered and I'm glad Roy did, too. Why should Americans want to give away their traditional culture to a foreign culture to a foreign culture that is inferior to ours? The Mexicans come from a Third World country to a First World country, but they still don't want to acculturate and become Western.
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NumbersUSA dmin of VA's picture
I didn't think it was federal law that you can't deny illegals education. I remember when CA passed that years ago, but when did it pass Congress?
Andrew 5084 of CO's picture
The right to K-12 education for illegal alien minors was secured through a Supreme Court ruling in 1982. Plyler v. Doe was the court case.
Linda 5236 of MO's picture
one of my first reactions was to wonder why Chris Hayes didn't show an American child whose parents are unemployed and who have lost their home because an illegal was filling a job that an American wants to do. He sure was quick to show an interview with the child of illegals who was going to leave Alabama. I have a lot of sympathy for anyone trying to better themselves, but not at the expense of our own citizens who have the same goal. By the way, great job, Roy!
Ralph 7980 of CO's picture
Very, very good points, Linda. It seems as many arguments are won by the person who can "display" the most crying children. Just look at the Dream Act arguments.
Roxan 9668 of CA's picture
"8 million" illegal aliens in this country? What was the interviewer smoking? There's got to be around 20-300 million in this nation.
Andrew 5084 of CO's picture
I think he was probably trying to refer to the number of illegal aliens in payroll jobs. We usually say 7 million, but I've also seen 7.8 million.
Roxan 9668 of CA's picture

It's absolutely sickening and disgusting how the devious and wicked MSM (Mainstream Media) caters and panders so much to ILLEGAL ALIENS and keep their fellow citizens in the dark ...It is just EVIL NOT to warn their fellow citizens about any of this.

Roxan 9668 of CA's picture
That Rinku Su is disgusting. She is typical of how the MSM falsely accuses anyone who wants their borders secured and their immigration laws as: Racists, Xenophobes and Nativists---and I'm sick of it!....."Un American?"
Roxan 9668 of CA's picture
Okay, I'm sorry, I have to comment again. "Unenforcable Immigration Laws"? 1. End BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP...2. Force E-VERIFY on ALL employers-Severly punish ALL employers caught with ILEGAL ALIENS. 3. Go after LANDLORDS- No renting and no hiring ILLEGAL ALIENS. 4. Cut off ALL services to ILLEGAL ALIENS and their Offspring....There, is that hard?
Roxan 9668 of CA's picture

The MSM support for ILLEGAL ALIENS is absolutely sickening...I hope the price tag of their relationship to the Business community is worth it for betraying their own fellow citizens!.....It's not just this issue that the MSM sold us out on, but when everything finally collapses which I think is inevitable, I truly hope the USA Citizenry will remember the MSM role in all this!

Keith 0126 of IL's picture
I think Roy again did a wonderful job. Steering clear of any racial or un-American verbage and just kept to jobs. Unfortuantely for the USA the economy has been so bad. I have three homes in forecloser that I can throw a rock at from my front steps. The good thing is the cause of NumberUSA is getting a boost as we point out the most important reason of illegals having jobs and us citizens don't. I found it interesting that the two younger non-white panel members, after Roy's segment, were tripping over themselves and using terms like "racists" and "Un-American" and withb terrific motivation trying to rip Roy's segment to shreds. And, it didn't work, even the host was tripping. The two older panel members sat and said nothing because they knew Roy and NumbersUSA is right. Wisdom does come with age.
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John 9549 of MN's picture
How do you do it Roy? I couldn't keep my cool if I was confronted by ignorant people just calling out "Nazi" and mindlessly repeating trite cliches as they attack you. I would be afraid of being physically attacked. I think that this group are themselves truly "hatemonger". They have become the very people they say they hate. Who are the real Nazis here? Hateful and irrational name calling is an indication that the motivation is hate not argument.
John 4110 of MI's picture
Roy is smooth and seems so reasonable. I am not sure that he should just concede that agriculture can only run with foreign workers (legal or illegal). As a country we will always be better off when the unemployed are put to work - even if it means slighly higher agricultural prices. From our past experience temporary visas means a pool of people poised to become illegal immigrants. Also they are a pool that Levin and Durbin would give citizenshp to after five years. Think of that absurd idea bringging in a new wave of immigrants every five years as indentured farm laborer. Of course, foreever bringing in new waves of technical workers is only a little less absurd.
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NumbersUSA dmin of VA's picture
As I understand part of the talk to Roy was about illegal aliens children crying because their parents couldn't have jobs. Are they kidding? What about the American children that are crying because of the jobs that are held by illegal aliens that shouldn't even be here and their parents being denied? How one sided is this? America first, American workers first.
David 4866 of TX's picture
thankfully the blind, clueless talking heads on this panel (after Roy left) only represent a small portion of the American electorate.
Karen 6880 of AZ's picture
I watched the show to hear Roy. I didn't watch segment to hear the arguments by (MSNBC) or to hear reasoning of why illegal aliens are weakening the USA's immigration laws.. I feel I did myself a disservice by watching sad's lending them undo viewership. MSNBC spokesperson being controversial, and traitorous against legal citizens is good reason not to view the show. We all knew what open borders crowd would say, Wouldn't it be better to notify MSNBC and protest their lineup and let MSNBC advertisers know in writing we don't support the agenda.
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Dennis  0513 of CA's picture
I appreciate Roy's moderate and respectful tone, and the proper focus and reframing on the "drying up the jobs" aspect of this debate. One point though. Roy mentions about 4:32 in that Obama has "racheted up" workplace enforcement (with the paper audits etc.) that has led to Americans lining up for jobs. While I know Roy can't discuss all the intricacies of this issue in a short TV interview, as you know and as Lamar Smith has repeatedly pointed out, worksite enforcement activities against illegal immigrants are actually down about 70% under Obama, who has effectively "abandoned" (Smith's word) worksite enforcement. Someone watching this interview may or will believe that Obama is actually "tough" on enforcement.
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Karen 6880 of AZ's picture
Roy Beck, please publish your good writing at Yahoo and newspapers Your articles print the correct side of the law.. Beck explains sadness of American out of work. I Liked the Roy's smile &coffee cup in Beginning of MSNBC story. Aritcle below on Illegals being picked up for Drunken Driving is considered a small time offense by???? Below Yahoo news article re Cook County, Illinois.. ..Don Babwin Associated Press This writer repeats in 5th Paragraph "They say the practice costs too much money and treats immigrants unfairly, especially those accused of only small-time offenses such as shoplifting, traffic violations or drunken driving." bloggers went balistic after reading this. goes on to say
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James 1848 of CA's picture

Roy ~ What did you say that they are ONLY coming for work,and that they are not here for welfare ??? Are you kidding me ??? Come to California and try to tell the legal U.S citizens that....Wow !!!

Roy 453 of VA's picture
Most research does suggest that illegal aliens arrive looking for jobs, not welfare. However, once here 57% of all foreign-born households with children end up on some kind of public support. There is no question that welfare DOES slow the rate of illegal aliens deciding to go home. Although I got a lot of time on that news segment, there is only so much one can do. I am pleased to have kept the focus on jobs, though. Most illegal aliens receiving public support also have jobs. Take away their jobs and many more of them would decide it isn't worth staying.
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Steve 3957 of KY's picture
And you can't say they don't come here to commit crimes you don't know these people they may be running from crimes they've already committed, we do not know any of these people!
Roy 453 of VA's picture
Definitely some are criminals before they arrive and come to commit crimes. But that is a very small percentage. Of course, we have to try to keep the criminals out, but the overwhelming majority of illegal aliens come for jobs. If we want to stop the overwhelming majority of illegal immigration, we should focus on drying up the jobs.
Albert 3441 of PA's picture
As Chris Kobach says, "When you start name-calling, you've already lost the argument." The reason that the MSNBC program host and his open-borders guests keep injecting race into the issue is because the race card is all they have. They always go right to the bayonet because they're critically low on ammunition. These folks´╗┐ have no rational, documentable evidence that mass immigration (legal or illegal) has any aggregate beneft for Americans, so they keep using these ad hominem arguments to smear those who want to impose rational limits on immigration to the US. Roy did a splendid job of ignoring the race-baiting and concentrating on the real issues.
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Tom 3537 of CA's picture
Roy, with all those people protesting they seem like a good talking point to stop immigration for now. it is said they are educated citizens,the protesters knowing or not is supporting the issue of no need for immigration at this time. perfect free add for the issue,maybe someone can ask them how more people will help.
James 1848 of CA's picture
From Alipac : There is nothing wrong with what Roy Beck said. He was generalising. And generally speaking illegals DON'T come for welfare and to commit crimes. Those are bi-products of illegal immigration. By and large they come for jobs and Roy is 100% spot on about what he said. He was emphasizing the impact on the American labor force, and I give him great credit for that. Illegal immigration is pure corporate greed, and that is what Roy was saying.
James 1848 of CA's picture

From Alipac : While I agree with you "generally' speaking, there is another magnet that needs to be taken into account. The birthright anchor status that insures permanence for both those seeking work, and those who can afford to fly themselves into this country and drop anchor and not fear deportation. Both groups like that magnet.

Nathan 1767 of FL's picture
We need a public work force asap. We also need a shuttle or a bus that could take the people to the work force. Then they need to sign up. And we can match them with a job that is now opened up because of the illegals leaving the job and the country.
Paul 8845 of OR's picture
typical open borders media - he couldnt even let Roy beck speak - and it's not 8 million its more like 30 million.He wasn't listening at all.
Genella 4694 of NV's picture
Chris Hayes is only looking for partial facts that support his beliefs. I do not comprehend why he doesn't get that breaking the law is illegal. they are breaking and entering and stealing from the lawful citizens of the United States. It is quite simple. Just enforce Title 8, Section 1325 of the US Code. And parents need to insist that their children don't get cars, games etc. until they can buy them themselves. No one has a right to anything they don't earn themselves.
William 2966 of FL's picture
Here you got Chris Hayes sitting comfortably at a desk nice paycheck coming in he most likely has a nice home in gated community.This man has no clue of whats going on out here in the streets he does not have to contend with the job market and is way out there in planet Hollywood somewhere.
Lucian 1822 of WY's picture

It was obvious that Chris Hayes was pro-illegal immigrant, especially when he spoke in terms of children fearing to attend school. Spreading fear as he failed to promote his pro-illegal position. After all, it is not the U.S. Citizens who came illegally, it is the children's parents who made the decision and they are responsible. The parents are welcome to take their children without harm or fear and return to their home countries. Chris Hayes lack of substance on this issue was amazing. The rhetoric he spread was full of subject input. Of course it is a great deal for the illegal's and their families: free school, medical, the citizens are victims of their crimes, we lose jobs and tax dollars. Anarchy exist among 15 million

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Roberta 6584 of PA's picture
To me, allowing illegal aliens to bring their children here, illegally, should be called International Child Abuse. Why isn't the UN doing something globally about this problem?