Length:  41 min 36 sec

On June 10, 2011, Roy was a guest on CSPAN's "Washington Journal" to
discuss immigration. Roy discussed the various state laws and the
potential for a national E-Verify law, population growth, and the fiscal
costs of mass immigration.

America's Jobless
Illegal Immigration
Taxpayer Burden

S.A. 9389 of MD's picture
Roy, you were doing us all proud this morning on C-Span and the questions were great from all over the country. I tried to call in almost the whole time while watching , but no luck. I was satisfied that so much good clear information was given and then prompted by knowledgeable callers as well, the real emergency American workers are in due to primarily Congress action and inaction probably won over some stubborn formerly deceived . I was proud of yo and us when you showed your kindness and empathy toward the some who were caught up in raids and re-assertion that we are NOT anti- Hispanic or Latino or Mexican. Our innocent Americans are the real sufferers and innocent here though and the stat you gave for the Mexican people being the 2nd happiest country in the world and the USA being 20th was a very illuminating idea and notion to many I am sure . It is almost like they are saying " no no NOT the Brier Patch" I have been telling my Hispanic acquaintances that money never really makes us happy and that their sense of family and community was their real attribute. They are still trying the other way and it seems to make them competitive and covetous.

Roy 453 of VA's picture
Thanks for that thorough review of the show. Yes, I think our government's aggressive enticements to Mexican communities to semi-force especially their young men to leave their family and friends to work in the U.S. to send back remittances has created a great cruelty against millions of young Mexicans, who almost surely would have been happier back home that struggling in the strange and expensive U.S. Media reports often note that interviews with foreign workers from many part of the world -- but particularly from Latin America -- find them sadly disappointed in their lives in the U.S. but lacking the resources to go back home or embarrassed to go back home without the nest egg that their community sent them to the U.S. to bring back.

Albert 3441 of PA's picture
Take away the jam jar and the wasps will go away. That's a good first step towards gaining some control over the illegal alien invasion. However, I hope that we understand that this step, while necessary, is not sufficient. Even after most of the actively employed illegal aliens depart, there will still be a multi-million-person remnant that has other means of support. I hope that we are not suggesting that those people be allowed to remain here indefinitely.

Roy 453 of VA's picture
If we keep an illegal alien from taking a job -- and we keep an illegal alien from taking taxpayer-supported services -- then we will have to consider how much tax money we will want to spend tracking and deporting that alien. I'm not suggesting an amnesty or any kind of legalization but just suggesting that maybe 75% of problems of that illegal alien being here are erased if not taking a job or taxpayer services. Remaining will still be the additional strain on environmental resources and public infrastructure.

Albert 3441 of PA's picture
Yes, I understand now. Once the illegal population is "debulked" as you suggest, the remnant will be that much easier to deal with.

Roy 453 of VA's picture
There are so many errors and outright untruths in that blog, I wouldn't know where to start. They ignore the fact that C-SPAN regularly invites people with a point of view to comment on the news. Frank Sharry, perhaps the most senior and elevated leader of the open-borders movement, was on C-SPAN by himself last December. We didn't try to get him black-listed. He has the right to be heard, as do we. We also didn't level a string of personal trumped-up attacks on Frank. I hope people will contact C-SPAN and thank them for having me on.

James 1848 of OR's picture
I hope you respond to Media Matters Roy. They are so far left that they fell off the earth !

James 1848 of OR's picture
BTW The show was good,but I was waiting for your opinion on people that cross the Mexico border from terrorist nations. You did not reply to that question from one caller. Do you think that there are foreign terrorists among us because of our broken borders?

Gerry 7969 of CA's picture
Well done Roy you where very articulate and done all off numbersusa proud thanks

Janet 0105 of NJ's picture
I watched Roy on C-SPAN and thought he was wonderful. He displayed gentleness and understanding of the situation. Bravo Roy and thank you!!!

Karen 6880 of AZ's picture
journal@c-span.org, viewer@c-span.org My e-mail to C-Span asks for C-Span to a follow up session with Roy Beck from Numbersusa as guest. Because of Roy's demeanor and detailed answers to host's questions I watched entire show. The host and guest Roy Beck stayed on topic . The proper time given to Beck to allow a proper response was great incentive to continue watching. When I am in person audience or on TV audience it's a win to hear details on immigration laws which protect American taxpayers and jobs. I sent e mail to journal@c-span.org, viewer@c-span.org I hope and somewhat expect C-Span to answer my question on will they air a program a future follow up story with Roy Beck as guest. I feel taxpayers deserve to hear more.

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