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Read Roy's blog on two different approaches to immigration.

America's Jobless
American workers
Illegal Immigration
Marcel 8497 of IL's picture
what ever happened to the bet that John McCain made 2 or 3 years ago about paying $50/hour to whoever would last a year in an ag job - betting that that's a job that "Americans would not do"???? Pokie
Barbara 7225 of IL's picture
A couple of years ago word got around that I was paying minimum wage, and that minorities were welcome to apply. Applicants were numerous for these cleaning, painting and landscaping opportunities. Some applicants who were hired had no transportation and walked three-four miles from the projects they lived in to take this arduous and low-paying work. The bsinesses who hire the illegal immigrants know that they have quiescent folks fearful of being discovered, who will not complain at sub-minimum wage work.
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Earl and Debbie 6325 of UT's picture
@ Barbara7725ofIL You are so right. The idea that Americans won't do the work is B S. My husband put garbage can lids on garbage cans, worked at the post office shipping area during the holidays with sorting and helping to get the packages out. These jobs were temporary and paid by the week, but he did it, so we could pay the rent and buy food.
Sandra 1336 of OR's picture
From an Oregonian for the U.S Constitution, and sensible immigration reform--That'aWay Joe. LEGAL AMERICANS and LEGAL IMMIGRANTS should support your actions to the limit. FOREIGN NATIONAL should voluntarily return turn to thier countries of origin, or the terms of their Visa stays.
Thomas 1072 of AZ's picture

Legal Workers need A Job and happy to get hired, however remember Sheriff Joe For President Of The USA, The only one with guts to clean-up this illegal immiigration, Yippee, God Bless America And Don Trump.

Sean 1535 of WA's picture

you know its not very hard to find Illegals.. why not just have a task force that gos to local business's and check the employee records. have a fine if they hire illegals and make it a stiff one.. $500 a infraction and if more then 10 are found to be hired then pull there business license. I know when I live in San Diego there would be places you can go to find them standing around waiting for work... why not have a crack down.. put a few legal ones in the mix.. get "picked up" and hired and then fine the people hiring and picking up from the street. or even pull in pick up 5-8 people for work.. and drive them to a INS command center to process them?

It really amazes me with no work and plenty of people that want the work... that our government doesn't do more local and state wide cleaning up. Reason I had to move out of California was that all my tax money was going to support people that don't want to support others. just want to keep leeching off the working class.

I hope what this sheriff did inspires others to do the same.

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NumbersUSA dmin of VA's picture
I am very happy to call Sheriff Joe a Fountain Hills neighbor. I am very sad to have had my Arizona neighbors return John McCain to Washington.
Janet 2797 of IN's picture
It's ironic that Americans did those jobs before there were illegals. You go Sheriff Joe. Now if we could only get ICE to deport the ones our state catches instead of the catch and release DHS and ICE support.
Wesley 9895 of MS's picture
This what the Americans peoples need is for the Law to be tighten up on the illegals that are here working in the job's slots that most of the Americans worker badly need to feed and house their family's, I for one bad when I was started out working I made $1.00 a day and that was from sunup till sundown 6 days a week .. there are some of the peoples out there now that will not work for less than $25.00 a hours if there was a poll being taken you would see that most of the one who want big buck are the younger peoples between the ages of 18 to 30 they need to get a real life and stay off of the games boxes and take a $7.25 a hour job its better than not haveing a job with no pay..and stop liveing off of their Father's and Mother's and most of all the welfare system
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James 3743 of FL's picture
Remember that every illegal with a job, means one citizen is without a job. Is this math too complex for congress (spinless rats that they are!)
Joel 4083 of PA's picture
Secretary of Homeland Security would be the job for Sheriff Joe. He would be in charge of ICE and we would be able to increase illegal aliens raids throughout the country and free up millions of jobs for Americans.