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Federal officials routinely assure the public that they are gaining control over the Arizona border. Despite these assurances, "Gaming the Border: a Report from Cochise County, Arizona" and produced by the Center for Immigration Studies, shows why the border there remains porous, as illegal immigrants avoid the Border Patrol and walk around checkpoints on highways north of the border.

Illegal Immigration
Attrition through Enforcement
border control
Daniel 7155 of AL's picture
It makes you wonder if the politicians are taking drug money. Why else would the borders stay open. Haven't we had a war on drugs? The border was never closed then.
Stephen 5202 of CA's picture
Bring home our troops from Iraq, Afghanistan, Europe, Japan and S. Korea. Our nation is being invaded by millions of foreign nationals, this is an act of war! Unless American borders are defended, our laws enforced, and our citizens protected, we won't have a country for our troops to come home to.
Elizabeth 6101 of KY's picture
Thank you Stephen for sending this email about bring our troops home to America and to protect our countries borders. We don't need to be in foreign countries losing thousands of American soldiers. What's it all for in most cases. We also should not be supporting illegal aliens while our Americans are struggling day by day. Thanks and I agree with you.
Deanna 2378 of AK's picture
Please have enough pride in yourself to correct spelling errors when you comment on this site. Please, U.S. Congress have enough pride in your nation to find a solution to the hundreds of thousands of border crossings by the illegals. Bring our troops home from Iraq, from Afghanistan and all the bases that should have been closed decades ago. If this is a political war, as the ranchers claim, it's time to engage our troops in the real war, protecting the sovereignty of our nation. Yes, they should be allowed to use real bullets as the bullets the Mexican drug dealers use are real.
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Adolph A. 2492 of FL's picture
It should be understood that it is a federal crime to bridge or cross our borders without a permit,which will allow the individual to legally enter into USA. Even though there are a lot of liberal politicians involved in this game of border patrol, illegal entry will continue, unless we make a strong/unpleasant example of any aliens caught on our side of the border. I saw a documental on TV by National Geographic titled "Border Wars", which made sick to watch how nicely, repeat NICELY the border agents treated those that were apprehended. They treated them like tourists coming here with a Visa! Why don't we do and treat the illegal aliens the same way the Mexican authorities treat any illegals entering into Mexico? In the documental by NGO referred to above, they would feed, house and offer medical treatment to the illegals that were caught. Then, they would take them back to Mexico or "fly them" to any other country that they may have come from. These were the "unfortunate ones" that were caught; the great majority of others will occupy jobs that are needed by Americans! With this lovely reception given to the illegal aliens, can anyone believe that we are not PROMOTING more aliens to cross our borders? I surely hope that our Government start to enforce our immigrations laws seriously, lest that the future of the United States of America will be destroyed and completely changed from the way we still have it today.
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Kathryn 9204 of NV's picture

It is Congresses’ sworn duty to protect our country and its citizens from all foreign invaders. Illegal aliens have invaded our country by the millions. Illegal aliens drain our treasury and steal our jobs. Any support for any amnesty such as the Dream Act or Comprehensive Immigration Reform would be aiding and abetting the enemy in defiance of their oath.

Sherril 2738 of MO's picture

call in more national guard, and do your blessed job, they are stealing our jobs and moneys, we're all sick to death of this, no more immigration...

Daniel 7155 of AL's picture
That's too easy. The Politicians have to spend milllions of taxpayers money to create a electronic fence and fly drones around the area to protect the illegals from American citizens.
Dorothy 8229 of TX's picture
Not only are we not hiring the Native Indians in this area... we are having to pay the Native Indians for "the damage our agents do on their land while stopping the illegals". can't believe more people have not viewed this video. It's full of great information which is still very relevant.
Jerry 5200 of WA's picture

Dorothy - And the Sonoran Desert illegal immigrant trash trail is not a problem? The "rape trees" are not a problem? Illicit drugs brought in by Mexicans is not a problem? Human trafficking is not a problem? Murder at our borders is not a problem? Who is paying for these atrocities?

Florence 0183 of NJ's picture
We should have our armed military across the breadth of the border...nothing like a physical presence to deter hoardes...
Les 9554 of WA's picture

We need to oust any Congressperson who signs onto amnesty or aims to reduce border security by any means. We need to insist Congress beef up laws.
By the way, the Attorney General and his crew should be held responsible for all deaths by illegals until they stop trying to derail the Arizona law.

Sharon 5222 of TN's picture
I have a family member in the Border Patrol not far from Cochise County and the BP agents are frustrated by policy in Washington. They know that under the current catch & release system, all their hard work just amounts to spinning their wheels on a daily basis. The general consensus is simple, as long as there remains no substantive punishment for breaking the laws of our country (detention), the illegals will continue to come enmasse. Detention facilities are an integral part of the solution, since 30 or more days in detention would cut the illegals off from a paycheck making it not profitable for them to pay to be smuggled into the country. It is my understanding that the smugglers guarantee to get them into the country, thus they regroup immediately and simply try again. It is not unusual to capture a group that was captured a day or two previous, sometimes the same day. Current political policy is the problem, not the men and women who guard the border; they are out there everyday in the often oppressive heat looking for signs and tracking illegals for hours over rough and broken terrain. They do this inspite of knowing full well that even before they have completed the paperwork, the illegals are on the trail again--and sooner or later, they know they will be successful.
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Frank 3770 of AR's picture
No truer words have never been spoken. I know a border patrol agent who works out of Laredo that stated that the catch and release program frustrates all BP Agents. One can see why. Makes you seriously wonder why it doesn't bother the Obama Admin.
Patsy 3573 of CA's picture
My "MASTERS DEGREE" child works in a fast food place. do you think she should apply for Welfare, Food Stamps, Medical Care, Free Rent & other perks here in California?? Her Student Loan is 5 figures, Mr Obama, guess you were lucky to scoot thru your Education when Illegals were really ILLEGAL!!!
Ken 5029 of AZ's picture
Good clip but until the people in Washington start enforcing immigration laws it will continue. It amazes me how lawbreakers and criminals not only are allowed to continue but rewarded for breaking laws . This is not just with Illegal Immigration but in all aspects of our culture today. We need to get down home people that work hard and love this country vote in good people that will enforce our laws .
David 3281 of IN's picture
I can't believe no one caught this. Last week there was an anouncement that the director of a National Park in Texas proposed to allow mexican citizens to enter the park area through an unmanned border post. No Customs officers present and Immigration officers could check ID via a two-way computerized device from 150 miles away. The director of the park stated he doubted there would be any problem with any immigrant trying to sneak into our country because the park is in such a remote location. When drug smugglers and people smugglers are building tunnels under the border, sneaking people and drugs in commercial trucks, sneaking people and drugs in commercial watercraft, all at great costs, why would anyone believe they wouldn't do the same in remote locations, such as a National Park? For isn't this how, in most cases, they do it now, through remote private ranches on the border? The director of this park needs a wake-up call from all of us that the idea of an unmanned crossing is a bad idea. The National Park is located in a remote area of western Texas on the border. I believe it's called the "Big Bend National Park", just the sort of place smugglers love.
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Patricia 9316 of FL's picture
Having family members who have been directly impacted by employers with no ethics hiring illegal aliens, I saw how their wages were driven down because the 'competition' worked for lower pay, the employer and the 'cash workers' paid no taxes. The legal workers were laid off first when the construction industry failed in Arizona. But the southern border is not the only problem. Of course there are larger numbers of people from other countries circumventing the system and entering our country illegally but it was happening on our northern borders for many years too. Growing up in New Hampshire we would hear people talking about people entering from the north to take jobs that were needed by people legally able to have those jobs. The issues were the same and I believe that continues to this day. We also have an Immigration Department that fails to function and follow their regulations and the laws of this country. Far too many people simply fly into the country on visitors or student Visas and never leave but also never apply to remain here legally. We have so many Federal employees and we can not track people coming and going through our customs checkpoints. It seems that all the talk of the illegal alien problems are only aimed at the southern border but the entire failure of the Immigration Department needs to be assessed, reformed and made to be functional or banish the department and start with something new that will work. Sometimes it is better to throw out something that does not work even when it will cost a bit more in the beginning to find something that does work. I agree that the main issue on the southern border is that it is way too easy to cross and the main reason to cross is to carry drugs over. We need a way to secure the border, enforce the Visa program and set up a system with limits. There are far too many people looking for work and they should not have lose out to people who cheated to get the job. One other issue that keeps coming up is the question of amnesty. Gingrich keeps saying that some of these people have been here for decades. If they have been here for 'decades' then they were here for or shortly after the Reagan Amnesty - which was never to happen again - and they knew that there was a clear system in place to come here legally. There are many people who fail to apply for legal residence and it may be because they do not wan the responsibility that comes with becoming legal. There are people who entered over the southern border, work for 8 or 9 months out of a year, get on a bus from AZ or CA and go 'home' to spend a vacation with friends and family then come back over the same unprotected border to do the same the next year. I personally know of workers in AZ who have been doing this for 15 + years. The employer knows they are illegal as do the landlord and the health department where they get free healthcare. All the citizens of the US are asking for is a level playing field. It is a colossal undertaking but the process must be redesigned and functional.
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Raymond  and  Alice 7017 of AZ's picture
The problem is that the illegals are sent back with no penalty. Fine them severely. If they can't pay, throw the in the hoot scow.
Andrew 0478 of PA's picture
It is a disgrace. There should be a 30 foot concrete barrier like they do in Israell. It should be reinforeced and guarded by border patrol.