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On February 25, 2010, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano testified before a House panel and was pressed by Rep. Lamar Smith on the department's drop in immigration enforcement numbers.

America's Jobless
American workers
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Rep Lamar Smith asked Janet Napolitano concise questions regarding illegals working on jobs Americans coulds have. Janet replied in powerful, commanding voice. It appears to me she still didn't answer the question. It sounded like she was lying on what her department and her are doing. No accomplishment was stated. Someone else in her position could do so much better..How about promoting Rep Lamar Smith to the job. He understands the details and will demonstrate and delegate AND get more done than Janet. She was gov in AZ and I saw no improvement when she was here in stopping illegals. Oh well, she continues using oratory platform to lessen impact of real work getting done on stopping invasion of illegals.
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Lenore 8493 of FL's picture
That's why, as Stephen (5202 of CA) said, she was picked by El Odumbo in the first place. To donothing, say nothing, except stall, double-talk, etc--anything but answer the questions.
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Nappy is clueless and totally unqualified for the job. She is parroting the party line the elites and big biz wants, cheap labor at the expense of American citizens. Compared to the costs of education, welfare, and medical, the costs to punish employers would be far cheaper. The costs of goods or services done by illegals wouldn't amount to any where near what we spend on their care and feeding.
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Seriously, What would it take to remove her from office? It is obvious that she is NOT pulling the strings. Who would then be a better candidate?
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Well we all knew she was anti-enforcement of the immigration laws with her record in Ariz. What she and all the other traitors fail to realize is that americans are being fed up by the flood of illegal and legal aliens taking american jobs and commtting crimes against americans. But hopefully Lamar Smith will see that she gets removed for a job that not only is she not qualified for , but her total lack of compassion for the impact illegals have on americans. There needs to be an american protection act. whoever takes the lead seeing to one being passed will have no problem being re-elected. We can only hope that Obama and his crew of radicals wakes up and do real change, change america needs. Americans are being killed and victimized daily by the flood of immigrants coming here and commtting crimes. Contact me at
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Smith is a hero and brave for questioning that traitor. Wonder how much big business is paying for her lack of enforcement.
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Since voters spoke last Nov. tell Congress more will be fired if Holder, Napolitano, Gates, and Mullen are not replaced as well as judge Bolton and all judges who decide to let more illegals come here unlawfully. American jobs in the millions and billions of dollars have been spent on illegals' welfare, education and medical care. When is this nonsense going to stop? Why do those in authority or legislators condone illegal immigration and the loss of American jobs and the enormous costs. And we shouldn't forget the human cost in murder, burglary, drug addiction, etc. The DEA stated that illegals are excellent cover for Mexican drug cartel activity. Also at

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