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America has a tradition of immigration. Author Roy Beck stops by Capitol Hill to get the reaction of people after they learn how America's great tradition compares with immigration today.

Immigration Numbers
Kathleen 6308 of CA's picture

Thank you! Yes, for quality of life immigration must not only be controlled, but halted. There are TOO many people in this country we wonder why our electricity is being depleted, why there is a water shortage.

David 4113 of TN's picture
I dont think we can do anything about it as long as our government and big business is willing to sell us all down the river for cheap labor. Not to mention the fact that so many Americans are so uneducated about the things that matter or just dont care that they complacently allow this stuff to go un checked. Our reps in Washington are a joke and should be publicly humiliated and fired for what they have allowed to happen to America on their watch! America is in trouble and it will take some tough constitutional Americans to act and change the path it's taking. America is a republic not a democracy! God help us all!
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Jacob 1361 of NJ's picture
Economically speaking, with the United States exporting jobs and hollowing out the economy the way it has, the idea of legalizing or bringing in more citizens of other countries defies common sense. Its a supply and demand issue...which will lead to massive unemployment for all! Sun 03/21 1269228726 11:32pm (report this tip)
Rich 1482 of NJ's picture
The officials in Washington especially the far left and right or progressives don't care since they see this as a stepping stone to fullfill their agendas. Many U.S. citizens or ones hired by Seiu or other organizations blindly don't care or really don't know the ramifications of what illegal imigration is and what giving amnesty would mean. I think many feel as though the United States is as vast as the oceans and a few million here or a few million illegal there would not be noticed or make a difference. But as you can see we once thought the oceans so vast that nothing could happen to them. Now we have to deal with pollution and watch out for poisens in our fish supply such as mercury. So when will we wise up before we give up our sovereignty and ultimately our nation to people that don't belong here, take whats not rightfully theirs and really don't know or care what it means to be a United States citizen. I'll give them one thing and they are kicking our butts at it and that is that they seem to stick together. We need to stick together too before its too late. Its easier to prevent a situation than to look back say what have we done and not have the tools to reverse and deal with it once the damage has been done. This has been proven time and again. Oh and if we are stupid enough to allow amnesty for the millions here now it will only give cause for millions more to do the same and we'll be in the same predictament again in the very near future. We are a giving nation but all this giving to others has placed our economy, our sovereignty, our values and our ability to help and take care of ourselves and each other at great risk. What is it with so many in this generation that don't see this? Let east, west, north and south of our borders nations take care of their own while we start focussing on us. We have a lot of our own problems to work thru right now.
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Sandra 8786 of AZ's picture
Excellent video, excellent points and excellent presentation of the illegal and legal immigration numbers problem facing our nation.
Dave 8782 of CA's picture

well folks you can thank clinton and bush for nafta/cafta contracts. selling us down the river, so that other countries make products instead of Americans

Gladys E 3441 of PA's picture
the illegal immigration,people they don't like the work they are doing now,If they have amnesty,poor USA,more people without job,they are going to unemploymement,I know because I'm talk with this people.
Karl 8993 of OR's picture
I have just sent a blanket email to all the people on my email list urgeing them to join the ranks here at NumbersUSA. Kind of an activist drive if you will. I told them there are strengths in numbers. I also told them that now is a time to call their elected officials and tell them what their feelings are on the DREAM Act Amnesty. We need alot of calls going to the senate in opposition of the DREAM Act Amnesty. All it takes is alot of calls saying no to amnesty to get the message across. I challenge you to send a blanket email to your address book help us stop this nightmare legislation. Thank you.
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Francisco 2351 of CT's picture

The only way to stop drugs coming to the usa is to support the Arizona Law, and to oppose illegal immigration. It is time to work with the congress, we must tell them to do their part on it

Dannie 3476 of OK's picture
Please lets limit immigration, until we get this economic situation under control. There are too many unemployed people to let immigration, and illegals take jobs that our citizens needs. Please control immigration.
Christine 9704 of OH's picture
My son graduated with a bachelors degree in computer graphics and animation over 2 yrs ago. He STILL can NOT find a job in his field. He did find a job thank God, but it' s not in his field of study and he's not making anywhere near what he thought he'd be earning. But he's thankful to just be working. The immigration numbers coupled with the fall of our economy have totally screwed our college grads, construction workers and the unskilled workers, we have experienced it first hand. My husband works in construction and the competition and number of companies closing is unbelievable. So many companies can't compete with the low bids given by those who employ illegal workers. We have a problem with illegals in our area due to the amount of nurseries that employ them. The problem is once they get over here they don't neccessarily stay working for the nurseries, and have gone into contruction jobs, restaraunts, factories etc.. So legal and illegal immigration are affecting not only the white collar jobs but also blue colar jobs and it needs to stop.
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Relk and Joyce 4219 of OR's picture

Joyce4219 of OR: People in America don't know that the Democrats allowed illegals/foreigners & legal foreigners to bring their elder parents to our country and they draw SS that they never paid into. All Americans who have paid into their SS will not draw it 55yrs. and under, because SS is broke.

Tina 0546 of CA's picture
We should all send e-mails or post on facebook pages about these outrageous abuses by our government that has created the chaotic financial crisis and has hurt U.S. citizens!..People need to know, especially our young people whose future is being ruined by OUR own traitor politicians!..
Vicky 2106 of TX's picture

America is just an ENABLER to illegal aliens. We MUST stop the money flow to support their cause. Illegal aliens come to our country to demand a free ride on the backs of our tax payers. They should get back to their own country and quit expecting that we Americans take care of them. It has been years since our senior citizens (me for one) got a raise in social security. I wonder how many illegal aliens have put their foot in our welfare offices in the past 3 years and they GET THE MONEY. This is outrageous and our government doesn't mind shoving the senior citizens and our veterans to the trash bin in order to GIVE illegal aliens money. WAKE UP AMERICA. FIGHT for your country.

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William 5230 of AZ's picture
The illegal invasion of the USA by foreign nationals represents a trojan horse which will ultimately defeat or liberties Stop the invasion. Vote for e-verify