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The current debate on Health Care centers around the potential cost to taxpayers and the role welfare services should play in our country. “The Emergency Room” features prominent immigration experts who discuss how mass legal and illegal immigration has affected our health care system and why it is detrimental to the American taxpayer to continue a policy of mass immigration in a welfare state where various government social services are available to all.

Illegal Immigration
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with the over population and stripping of our countries resources and world resources something needs to be done about the massive birth rate due to stupidity or lack of birth control this is a problem with legal,illegal and american citizens the welfare system and free care is killing this country especially when it is widely known that if you have a kid you can get welfare and housing assistance and the more kids you have the more money you get and not all that money is being used for what it wAS MEANT FOR there are to many people abusing the system we need more workers to enforce that the money is being used correctly and where will the money come from to pay them well once we stop giving it to illegl aliens and to peopl who dont deserve it we will have plenty

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