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Racists, Xenophobes, and Bigots: Immigration 111

Illegal Immigration
border control
immigration reform
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I've seen alot of videos surrounding the May 1st demonstrations and I'm thoroughly disgusted with the governments unwillingness to secure our borders. These people blatantly wave other countries flags, do not speak or write English, and demand their rights. They admit to coming here and having babies so they can get US citizenship. They admit that if a law is too strict in one state they pick up and go to another state, and continue to drain that states resources. These people have outright threatened our citizens, defamed businesses and property. They throw their trash everywhere and leave gang graffiti on the walls. The United States do not owe these people a living or an education. Just take a look at the recent guy who tried to blow up Times Square! He comes over here, gets the best education at our universities, gets his citizenship, and turns around and tries to blow people up. How's that for gratitude? We as citizens need to take a stand! Protect our borders and deport people who aren't here legally. It's as simple as that. Anybody who advocates amnesty we need to throw them out in November! Urge your Senators and Congressman in Washington that we will not stand for any more amnesty and start doing the job they were sent there to do. Shame on those in Congress who call our citizens racist! This is about enforcing our laws! This U.S. citizen has had a belly full!!!
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