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Global humanitarian reasons for current U.S. immigration are tested in this updated version of Roy Beck's colorful presentation of data from the World Bank and U.S. Census Bureau. The 1996 version has been one of the most viewed policy presentations on the internet.

Presented by author/journalist Roy Beck

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Roy Beck
Gene 1925 of IL's picture
Just 1 word: EXCELLENT. This is as great as the original Gumballs. Can we get the link to this video to send out. Thx Roy for your work, Gene
Lewis 9981 of MT's picture

When will this demo be scheduled for viewing in the entire Senate? When will it be scheduled for our President and VP as a special showing?

William 6159 of NV's picture

We have a president who only cares about HIS agenda. He will not watch this little film, no matter how much logic it contains, because it does not further his agenda.We have "leaders" who do not lead.

Robert 2913 of AZ's picture

Immigration cannot help the rest of the world. Immigration should be geared to help the US, we should be bringing in the best educated and brightest to help get the US back into the upper ranks of the developed world.

Jeff 4900 of CA's picture

Exactly. Thank you. I have a German friend, college educated, who gave up trying to emmigrate to the US, after 15 years of trying. Now she runs a very successful web design business. Not that we have a shortage of web designers, but she would have been an upstanding, contributing member of our society.

Patricia 0081 of NY's picture
This is just to simply for Congress or the president to understand. individual groups need to help these people in their own country. Not our goverment sending money to be stolen by their goverment.
Jerry 7673 of IL's picture

all foreign students must go back to their nation after getting an education in the USA and teach their people how to make a living

Dave 7722 of SC's picture
The lead in to this mentioned Bishops of the U.S.A. Well there's no doubt in my mind that the heirarchy of the Catholic Church in this country is busy either deconstructing or the destruction of said church. More, and this is years old, I understand that through legal immigration this country added the population of France (~50 million) to our existing popullation. Does this help us when I estimate that 10 - 15% of our NATIVE BORN populaion has yet to be truly assimilated? The elites is this country when caught up to are going to have some serious explaining to do. In fact, I'd like to see them made emigrees!
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Julia 5785 of FL's picture
Wow, never realized the extent of poverty in our world! Nor how ineffective immigration is in relieving the suffering. Thank you for such an effective illustration.
Larry 1681 of CO's picture

The good sense message that this video sends is not part of the way that Washington views things. In Washington it's all about power.

Jim 1117 of WA's picture

Roy, GREAT presentation, brilliant.
So sad our elected officials have as their goals deceit, corruption, power, and greed at our expense. VOTE...

Emilie 3087 of VA's picture
Another excellent video. Does make me wonder though - about the massive redistribution of US wealth that is occurring now. The elites know that the US can't take all the poor people all in - so they will just legislate and tax away all of our money to send overseas as per the UN and one world gov't.... To make things a bit more 'equal'. Just something to think about.
Debra 9281 of WA's picture

How do you get people to listen? when you talk about Illegals people think you are racist or heartless. I am angry at closed minded people

Kimberly 6568 of NC's picture

Since illegal people, plus annual legal immigration (that should be put on hold) is a large contributor to our economic problems, it stands to reason that we wouldn't be in such a predicament if this immigration problem were brought under control. I wish Roy could have a sit-down, lengthy talk with those in Washington (and show them the video). Roy seems to be the only one with any sense.

Margaret 1238 of CA's picture
Brilliant video. Succinct and good use of visuals to illustrate the point. The point is really that simple - the USA can't solve all of the world’s problems. When the USA becomes bankrupt, through poorly thought-out immigration and fiscal policies, the USA won't be able to solve ANY countries' problems. So - are our representatives really so stupid that they don't get this? I believe the majority of them are so greedy and self-serving that they really don't care, but they must have somebody on their staff that understands the implications. I consider the whole situation to be a criminal abuse of the American people. Well meaning people are being deliberately misinformed by the elites (the political, clerical and big business classes), in order to serve their agenda. The main stream media actively misrepresents the issue, as well. What their agenda is doesn't matter as much as the fact that it will ultimately destroy this country, if unchecked. Having said all that, I still want to "emigrate" from California. As a lifelong citizen of the Golden State, I have watched its swift deterioration since the last amnesty. The legislation here is blindly ideological and unwilling to learn from past experience or examples from other states/countries. It is doomed!
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Dawn 9858 of PA's picture
Great explanation until your last statement, lets help them there. Alhough I know you ment well. Obama and company want to do just that by redistribution of U.S. wealth to 3rd world countries using cap and trade to do it. Be very careful what you ask for.
Roy 453 of VA's picture
A fair enough comment, Dawn. But I would say that the U.S. will always be providing some kind of aid to other countries. Unfortunately, much of it has been squandered through corrupt governments or just through misguided, though well-intentioned, investments. From my travels around the world as a journalist, I tend to think the most effective aid is done through a lot of private, charitable organizations. Americans give huge amounts of money voluntarily through their religious and other private groups to help people in other countries. My point is that when people want to help the world's poor that they do it that way and not be lobbying for higher immigration to the U.S.
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Walter 5154 of FL's picture
Roy Great presentation and great response to Dawns comment. I agree with you that private, charitable, and religious organizations are the best way to help the worlds poor rather then lobbying for higher immigration into the U.S. but our government politics on this subject seem to be for votes rather then the good for America. Thank you for all you efforts on Americas out of control immigration policies.
Mark 0056 of AZ's picture

The US is broke even though it is a "rich" country. It takes money from its own people by taxing their earnings and then sends their money to other countries whenever their is a disaster, to gain their favor, and for whatever reason it wants. The people don't decide this, but the Federal government does. Even though it does not have the money to help its own people, it continues to send its own people's money to other countries every time it wants to. Yet, it is broke and does not help its own people that are poor, old, uneducated, homeless, disabled, and down and out.

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Jean 3933 of CA's picture
Outstanding!!! And so very true. People need to improve their own countries and lives. If that means a revolution in their country, then so be it. We were so successful because of God's blessing, hard-working Americans, and our free enterprise system. Government give-away programs, removing God from our national life, illegal immigration (and all the problems that go with it), and utterly foolish spending by our government has lead to our collapse. We need to get back to God, enforce all our laws, and return to our original principles to again be the best in the world. Thank you for making this wonderful video to show that it's impossible for anyone else to solve the problems of the entire world.
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Erik 0731 of FL's picture

You people don't get it. They don't care about helping these people. What they care about is importing democratic voters. If amnesty passes and enough illegals are brought in, who then all get hooked on those nice handouts and entitlement programs, who do you think they are going to vote for? A republican would never get elected president again. That's their plan.

Maxine 9486 of TX's picture
I have advocated for years that America should allow the Mexico immigrants to go home and we build them straw factories for hats and baskets etc, leather factories to make belts, purses etc. and jewelry makers, to use their gold. They have the resources. This would be much cheaper than trying to feed and support all these people and they would be much better satisfied, earning low wages there to grow as the economy grows. This video is the best idea I have heard so far. May God send this message far. Great work you guys. Let's send some of our people to these countries to help them grow at home.
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Richard 6783 of MA's picture
If you mean the US government we should not be building that for them we should be doing PSA that encourage themto do it for themselves.
Kim 4978 of IN's picture
What we should be doing is helping these countries to practice some birth control!! We cannot afford to care for all of the world's poor!!
Richard 6783 of MA's picture
It also causes the resources of migrating families to be pulled away from acquisition of productive resources towards financing the cost of migration. Successful binational families are also buying fancy modern houses in their old communities as a form of conspicuous consumption rather than investing in the rural setting farm improvements silos barns or in the urban setting in production equipment, warehouses and factory shells.
Brian 1597 of MI's picture

The Democrats do not care about the undeniable facts of this presentation. Their only concern is to add millions of welfare users to the voting populace. Vote for the most conservative candidate possible this November or you'll see your neighborhoods, states, and country overwhelmed by Third Worlders who do NOT share our political values.

Conan 8159 of FL's picture

This was outstanding information. We dont see obama or bill clinton doing any thing like this to educate americans so they can really help nations in need! WAIT TILL THIS FALL!

Valerie 1488 of CA's picture

We cannot continue to take in the whole third-world without sinking the U.S.A. lifeboat with all of us in it. To those who think everyone is entitled to our tax money: Go support an impoverished family yourself by feeding, clothing, educating, and where applicable, incarcerating them on your own dime. Quit volunteering our tax money and our children's futures to your "politically correct" cause. The U.S. is in a downward spiral that won't stop until we're all at the bottom.

Robert 3762 of MD's picture
there is no way anything like giving to another country to help them , the gov there will steal all the money thats sent to help .
Thomas 8553 of IN's picture
The video illustrates a key idea about human compassion that shows up in various forms in religious and secular teaching around the globe: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.
CF 2006 of CA's picture
America and most of the developed world has already stopped making babies. Our birthrate has been at or below replacement, for about 40 yrs now. The only forms of birth control that have been proven to work are "forced" ie: China and/or a rising standard of living. As our standard of living falls, our birth rate will rise.
Dave 362 of WI's picture
An excellent presentation that perfectly underscores the concerns of the late George F. Kennan expressed in his 1994 book, "Around the Cragged Hill": “However one cuts it, the question is not whether there are limits to this country’s ability to absorb immigration; the question is only where those limits lie, and how they should be determined and enforced�whether by rational decision at this end or by the ultimate achievement of some sort of a balance of misery between this country and the vast pools of poverty elsewhere that now confront it. The inability of any society to resist immigration � is a serious weakness, and possibly even a fatal one, in any national society.” (p. 19) “It is obviously easier, for the short run, to draw cheap labor from adjacent pools of poverty…than to find it among one’s own people. And to the billions of such prospective immigrants from poverty to prosperity, there is, rightly or wrongly, no place that looks more attractive than the United States. Given its head , and subject to no restrictions, this pressure will find its termination only when the levels of overpopulation and poverty in the United States are equal to those of the countries from which these people are now so anxious to escape.”
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Susanne 8757 of IL's picture
Exactly right, Dave. Simple physics-water seeks its own level. We will take in illegals at-BTW-1 million a year in addition to the legals at 1 million a year, until we are at the same economic poverty level as those countries from which the immigrants came. But our politicians will get their votes!
Florence 2769 of PA's picture
Roy's colorful gumball presentation of the immigration situation was the most succint and easily understood demonstration of the immigration dilemma. Our senators and congressmen need to see it, especially those who think we need to take in all "comers" whether for future votes or whatever reason. I for one, think we need to slow down the legal and STOP illegal immigration. With unemployment near 10%, it's about time!! My family and I will not vote for anyone who does not espouse the same sentiments.
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