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A startling look at how U.S. immigration will add 300 million people to the country this century if policies are not changed. This dramatic presentation of the latest Census data raises serious questions about the ability of the country to achieve environmental sustainability and to meet the quality-of-life infrastructure needs of the national community.

Legal Immigration
Danilo 3790 of IL's picture
Nancy and ALL :Patriotic Americans should call our Senators to STOP this Nightmarish bill that would legalize the illegal immigrants. These illegals are busting their butts to call their senators. But the senators do not know their callers. We must tell our senators that those callers who are in favor of the AMNESTY are illegals and not the citizens.
Robert 3653 of MN's picture
There is no greater threat to the stability of the United States than those politicians who are using the Nightmare Act to try to ensure their own re-election!
Judy 6196 of AZ's picture
Breaking News!!! DC Offices told me that Arizona Senators McCain and Kyl are going to Vote NO on DREAM Act. This is a first for me! Thank you Senator McCain and Senator Kyl for standing with your constituents!
George 8143 of TN's picture
It seems to me Missouri has an even better approach to eliminating the illegals. Please, Tennessee go for one similar to Arizona or Missouri-just go for it.
Andrew 9781 of NJ's picture

It seems that our leaders of the Senate and House care more about votes and their own selves and less about the country. The Country is going down hill with crime. Stop the illegals. Stand up for our rights and not just the illegals. Our unemployment is said to be 9.8% which is really 19%. Keep bringing in more illegals and unemployment will go higher, and who is going to pay for the unemployed illegals the working class. The working class is over taxed now. Remove the Senators who refuse to help the country instead of their party and themselves.

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Gary 9126 of FL's picture
We are celebrating the defeat of the Dream Act, but are they not trying to attach it to another bill and are trying to sneek it through? The war has only just begun.
Charles 2477 of MA's picture
Charles13of MA, Massuchetts is being overwhelmed by non-citizens, while citizens are being taxed horrificaly, Free medical, free food, sucking up all the benifits that should go only to citizens, no drivers licinse, total disaster.
Judie M 6415 of CA's picture

They speak of jobs being taken that American's won't..been to a hospital, a Dr's office, clinic, bank, etc. lately? I am in America and we speak ENGLISH..or use to...sad situation and we need to change that sooner rather than later. Sickened in California.

Judie M 6415 of CA's picture
We must watch Kyl and McCain as they both were pushing for Amnesty at one point . Another situation where "Who do you believe?" I had watched as the deals were unfolding a while back in the Senate. Hope they have changed their minds but don't think McCain has really..Kyl? well don't know for sure but think it's all "blowing in the wind, think they want the employee's legal or not for business's.
Tyrone 8332 of TX's picture

In burnet county texas we have a real bad illegal alien problem. they have food stamp cards--get section 8 housing assistance--and the hospital emergency rooms are full of illegals. free health care and most have a medicare card. i have never seen one of them arrested here. this is wrong for anyone to use our system like this. they want -free-free-free and do not pay any taxes either. congress is just a bunch of freeloaders too. we need to deport congress.

Mary 8969 of TX's picture
The next time you see a store seeking bilingual jojb applicants - tell them they don't need bilingual employees - they need bilingual customers! America called - she wants her country back.
Peggy 8869 of MI's picture
I haven't seen a flimflammer that wasn't a smooth talker, and I'll give the prez that. But as I see it the Gov is hell bent to let the illegals stay and continue to take the American jobs and eat athe very core of our social systems.The only one who will get any of the new 300thousand jobs he talks about are the illegals. The Gov. hasn't made the number one language ENGLISH yet, so we wonder how any of all he promises will also be delt with. We should make it our number one priority to see that our children get the best possible education, not illegals, the chance to have the American Dream that at this time is not possible.not even a gleem in their eyes.
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Joanne 1876 of NC's picture
Such a brilliant visual presentation. A complex and emotionally laden issue clarified into a non-emotional chart...and with a clear either/or choice at conclusion. Well done, Roy.
MaryLou 0131 of AZ's picture
I am concerned that this site is becoming VERY political. I am NOT a republican, note lower case. I am an AntiWar, ProChoice, Passionate Environmentalist who happens to be OPPOSED TO ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. It seems to me that there are others like me out there. If the majority of americans are opposed to illegal immigration, then it only stands to reason that this number includes centrists and lefties. Think about it. This concentration on 2012 and the REPUBLICAN slate is disturbing. The only republican I can stomach is Ron Paul...and I have to acknowledge he is not great on our issue. But overall he is not one of these crazy right wing fundamentalist types, WHICH MOST OF YOUR CANDIDATES ARE! I am concerned.
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Charles 9114 of CA's picture
It comes back to the rich and powerful and a Corporate one world order, with no middle class and no democracy or nations wanted...just like every country where the rich run everything.
Gil 2135 of CA's picture
We have heard it all from both sides. One thing is certain, the pro-illegal alien activist are in place to fight any legislation that protects our severeingty. They think that we owe them the right to invade our country and make demands. We, the citizens of this country must fight to save our country from becoming a third world. The Central Valley of Ca. is already a sign of things to come if action is not taken soon. We know what Obamas game plan is.
Richard 7696 of MA's picture
Richard...Sen.Lindsey Graham talks about a "path to citizenship" for 20 million illegals.I thought he represented American citizens,and not people who jumped the fence.And I have been out of work since last September.
Patrick 0908 of CA's picture
Calif. Gov. J. Brown, has been scratching his bald head trying to figure out the budget. He could save over $ 5 billion a year, if he got rid of all the millions of illegal aliens draining Calif., & our Country!
Raymond P 4728 of MN's picture
Thomas Helferich U.S. Navy World War 2 died just at the end of the war. God bless him and his family. Uncle I will see you soon Raymond Phillip VinZant, Sr.
JoAnn 4550 of NM's picture

Our Washington reps are not listening to America.....We do not want Amnesty. We do not want the DREAM Act.....We want illegals to be deported to save American jobs.

We want Illegals to go back to their own countries and build them like America. They have not put in their blood, sweat and tears to make our country strong. What they have done is help to bankrupt our social programs and expect our education system to take care of their language deficiency. They bring illicit drug trade into our borders. They plant our national parks with their marijuana plants so we cannot even go into those forests for our recreation.

Now how can anyone be convinced that these 15 to 20 million illegals "are good for our country." That is a load of nonsense that we are being fed and it must stop by voting these fools out of Washington and vote in someone who actually cares for Americans. If we don't, we will never get back on track. The number of immigrants allowed into our country needs to be rolled back or our country will be environmentally destroyed. Where will be resources come from like water, fuel, etc. then? Let's wake up Americans!

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Vicky 2106 of TX's picture
Did anyone see the report stating that over EIGHT BILLION of our tax dollars have been sent to Iraq and cannot be accounted for? This is OUR money people and our government is just throwing it in a ditch. Between this and the billions it takes to support the illegal aliens, we could balance our budget.
Michael 1548 of CA's picture
My family came over on the Mayflower, 1620. They had left England because they were to worship God as their government was forcing them to do, as Anglicans, or they would have been imprisoned or even have been put to death. My family came here and worshipped God as they were moved by the Holy Spirit, as the Lord would have us all to worship and praise God, through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. After the Revolutionary War, in which we told England that we would no longer be subject to them for any reason, i.e. NO MORE RULING US, NO MORE TAXES, the forefathers (Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Franklin, others) upheld what the Holy Bible puts forth...serve God and serve others. Members of the secret societies started taking over, were even evident in the early years - look at the buildings in Washington DC. Ben Franklin had said to keep members of the government from being in office for very long, to have new members every 20 to 50 years, so as to keep them from establishing absolute corruption, absolute power. Now, the government are doing things that benifit themselves and not "We The People". In the early 1960's they took the Holy Bible and prayer out of our public schools. The first book published in the USA was the Holy Bible for the classroom. Now, they tell us we aren't supposed to talk about God or Jesus. They want to do away with Christmas (the birth of Jesus Christ), Easter (the rebirth of Jesus Christ) and Thanksgiving (the day the Pilgrim's set aside to thank, praise and honor God for all of His Blessings upon them and all of man - past, present and future). There is so much more that I could write in regards to today's government and what they are and aren't doing. What we might do about it all is pray to God for reconciliation, for reestablishment, for restructuring. Where two or three come together and agree on anything...God Bless America. Thank You, Jesus.
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