Length:  4 min 54 sec

The impoverished around the world deserve our compassion and care. Author Roy Beck explains why mass immigration is not an effective solution.


Eric 0520 of CA's picture
Walter1553 - you set the nail very well........and Roy hammers it home with the gumball effect. Good team work, just like the old America. Keep it up Roy, stay true Walter.

Tamela 1507 of GA's picture
I'm going to email this to 20 people. And on and on it will go. Great video!

David 2908 of CA's picture
Roy, you are a hero. You do a great service by making it about numbers, not racial stereotypes, which it is.

Janet and Joe 6108 of IL's picture
Thank you for the absolutely riveting video. You're right -- we have so many doctors, nurses, computer experts, etc from other countries who really need to have remained at home to fix their own countries.

Allen 5724 of CA's picture
Grrreat! Is there a way I can copy and burn it onto a CD or DVD on my Mac? Would like to show it to at least one audience, hopefully more.