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This television ad will run across the country in March asking why House Speaker John Boehner won't allow a House vote on E-Verify. Viewers are urged to call Speaker Boehner and ask him to allow a vote on mandatory E-Verify. A recent poll conducted by Pulse Opinion Research found that 78% of Americans want a national workplace verification system as a way to address the issue of illegal immigration.
America's Jobless
American workers
Robert 6847 of AZ's picture
I believe you folks are going off half cocked! It appears to me HR 2885 applies to all job applicants. Lets not put e-verify in control of every worker in the "United States Of America" whether you are Bible Believers or not, we have already been virtually marked as cattle with a social security number.
Tom 3537 of CA's picture
there is nothing wrong with e-verify,you can even check yourself. thing is this should have been done decades ago. there is no honest reason not to check every single worker,the only reason i can see is those who have no right to work here and those who are against having an all legal workforce,which means criminal supporters.
Sandra 9206 of MI's picture
Roy, why don't you set up one of your faxes for us to deluge John Boehner w/ faxes to let him know of our displeasure w/ him blocking e-Verify. ? What exactly is his interest in blocking e-verify? There certainly is a tangible reason he didn't just take this stance for no reason at all ? ? ? ? Anyone have suggestions?
Alfred 9580 of WA's picture
To allow illegal aliens to work in this United States is against U.S. Federal and State laws, and U.S. congressional speaker Boehner has no right to block E-Verify to misrepresent Americans as the law in fact of this United States which he mindlessly wants to turn into another Third World Hovel! -Al.
Patricia 6191 of CO's picture
These politicians are protecting corporate Americas source of cheap labor. That is the only reason Boehner would stop this legislation. All of these career politicians should be voted out and we need term limits.