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This is one of two ads combating the claims of the open-borders groups that America needs more foreign labor. The federal government imports more than 125,000 foreign workers every month, while 15 million Americans continue to look for work.

America's Jobless
American workers
Gerry 7969 of CA's picture
Great add , get this out to as much of the media as possible !!, Obama is now heating up to ram amnesty through and by god for the power and voice off the people he wont get it, we have got to unite and knock this pro amnesty bullshit out once and for all. ENFORCE our current immigration laws and kick these treacherous so called congressmen and women OUT!!
Charles 3494 of CO's picture
Do illegal immigrants have the same rights as American citizens? In time is my birth certificate, drivers license, and other documents going to be in various languages? In the early days of this country the "people" didn't like the way their government (Britain) was running thing so the "people" did something. Perhaps these illegal immigrants should stay in their countries and fix their problem instead looking for easy way out. How many vehicles would be off the highways and byways, how much more gas would be available, how much easier would classrooms be for American students and teachers if their schools were less congested? How much money are Americans paying in taxes to help these people who broke the law? Some people say the jobs occupied by illegal immigrants are not wanted by American citizens...that's a myth! I work with some illegal immigrants and they openly say they're here just for the American desire learn our history, culture, just enough of the English language to get by. I go to the supermarket and food labels are in two languages...will that also change to accommodate other languages, raising cost of the product further? In 1954 President Eisenhower began the return of illegal immigrants ( to the chagrin of many including LBJ, who had friends with large farms/crops) which returned over 3 million people back to their own country. Perhaps this situation could be resolved when put to a vote where obviously illegals immigrants were not permitted to vote or their legal relatives, nor CEO's using these people to fatten their bank accounts, nor politicians who can depend on these votes to stay or get into office. It's amazing that after decades of jokes from cartoons, movies, the media, etc., that there isn't a "Mr. Smith is back in Washington". I don't have a problem individual peoples, I have a problem with peoples who's first action in this great country is to break the the law by coming here illegally. My Grandparents came here in the early part of the 20th century as did millions of others and became Americans, learning English, the history, culture. And there were illegal immigrants back then but not on these grand numbers. Perhaps(today) most are nice people and need help put that doesn't change the fact they broke the law which is there for a reason, how many people can we afford to help. Shouldn't we be helping Americans first!? Are politicians forgetting that reason? Can't politicians think of tomorrow as well as today instead of just today? As long as illegal immigrants can obtain a fake Social security number and pay taxes (and produce more children, LESS TAXES, that they cannot afford to take care of without further help from AMERICANS) , that OK with politicians...more money to spend that does not help America.
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