Length:  30 sec

This is one of two ads combating the claims of the open-borders groups that America needs more foreign labor. The federal government imports more than 125,000 foreign workers every month, while 15 million Americans continue to look for work.

America's Jobless
American workers

Gerry 7969 of CA's picture
Great add , get this out to as much of the media as possible !!, Obama is now heating up to ram amnesty through and by god for the power and voice off the people he wont get it, we have got to unite and knock this pro amnesty bullshit out once and for all. ENFORCE our current immigration laws and kick these treacherous so called congressmen and women OUT!!

William and  Carla 2366 of NV's picture
Great job you did on these clips. I have seen them here in Vegas during the 6 PM news.