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America's Jobless
American workers
Legal Immigration
Shirley 0561 of AZ's picture

I don't have to read more--it's a shame that everything seems to goes to people from out of country. We have unemployed children too, it's time to get a president and officials in office that care about our own citizens. Vote in November and lets clean house.

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Great ad. I get really frustrated with both the mainstream media and the candidates because neither will discuss the impact of mass immigration on ordinary Americans. Now I feel better. My donations helped put that ad on prime time. Donating to NumbersUsa is a great anger management technique.
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President Obama incites his party to accuse the Republican Party of racism, yet he gives American jobs away. His policies keep our minority brothers and sisters down by taking those wages out of thier pockets and giving it to illegal immigrants that have abandoned thier families and country. We need policies that make us a stronger nation by removing obstacles that prevent all Americans from building a stronger America together. Then we will be in a better position to help other countries get thier acts together. You can't build a stronger house by dividing the foundation! Obama out, America in. "Fall in love with America all over again. Vote Romney".
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Finally!! A tasteful ad that addresses one of the real issues on the unemployment crisis. It not only addresses the illegal immigation issue, but it also addresses the insults thrown at the American public by the current administration--bringing in immigrants solely for the purpose of providing them jobs and a green card. The government knows where the illegals congregate and ICE should be raiding those areas so they can be deported. Any State offering 'amnesty' or a place of safety for illegals should not receive any government funds. I am sick and tired of seeing our own people suffering because the government wants to present a false 'humanitarian gesture' to the rest of the world. In my opinion, overloading the US with both illegal and "legal" immigrants is just another ploy to collapse our present governmental system and completley destroy the US Constitution. obama can't leave the Oval Office soon enough!
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It's about tme to reflect the issues on the problems in today's job market. President Obama and the Democratic Party are responsible for this mess: Not inacting the proper immigation reforms, not guarding the boarders and safe-guarding the national interest.
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how are we going to stop obama. he is out to ruin this country, he already got the vote of all the illegal aliens he let come into this country, what are we going to be able to do to stop him.

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American citizens deserve FIRST opportunity to all jobs available. Put the brakes on legal immigration during the poor economy; enforce the laws on the books to STOP the illegal immigration! We must be given an opportunity to take care of our citizens and stabilize our economy. It's a pity that Washington has been buying votes with the amensty promises!