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America's Jobless
Legal Immigration
Illegal Immigration
Ernest 7932 of CA's picture
That's right, take it to them where EVERYONE can see what is the chief cause of our unemployment and DIS-employment--how about a chart showing the monthly number of jobs "created" versus the number of immigrants allowed work visas each month since Obama took office? This is not about racism, this is about equity for Americans and immigrants who followed the rules--without enforced laws no one has anything.
S.A. 9389 of MD's picture
Yes realistic charts and graphs and stats that cannot be manipulated for political gain (Do they even exist we wonder)It seems one is put out and another refutes it and then we get the REAL TRUTH..We can see the truth but people like to be fooled so they can play their emotional favorite or have been promised their lot will be better to go with this or that guy.It always seems that we find the truth out after the election when the substance and facts were there all along.
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This ad will appeal to young people who are being neglected by politicians. Of course Obama is once again courting them but hopefull, most are too smart to fall for his seduction this time around.
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The last time I checked the unemployed Latino population was 12% and that's not good. Legal immigrants are unemployed and on food stamps just like everyone else. People need to also think about the climate turning dryer and droughts everywhere not just in the US but all over Africa especially Niger where the nomads are selling off the few camels that didn't die from starvation to feed their families. There will come a time when the US won't be able to feed the world nor even our selves so how are we supposed to keep taking in a million mouths to feed every 12 months?? We can't. This government seems to reside in LaLa land and is very addicted to legal immigration. I have come to believe too that some of the millions on food stamps are not all unemployed they just can't keep up when the price of food that keeps going up which it has been doing for the last 3 or 4 years.
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S.A. 9389 of MD's picture

Chris, thanks for finally fixing this I can see it this a.m. on Thursday August 30 and it no longer says"private". I thought it was powerful and the first freeze frame could even be used as a poster.

John 2534 of ID's picture
Right on, man! That ad tells it all. Secure the borders, inforce all immigration law, specially the ones about aresting the businesses that hire the illegals, arrest those that come into this country illegally no matter what race they are. SECURE OUR BORDER NOW!
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Hey, even a college grad can understand this one. That is, if socialist professors haven't totally drained their brains. Dave
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Thank you for this. We live in a college town with 50k people. I just talked with a professor at the college who teaches a class about social justice. She focuses her attention on encouraging the local government to pave the way for refugees and immigrants of all kinds. She was telling me how horrible it is that anyone would want to turn anybody from another country away and not offer them 'food, shelter, gifts, health care, education and whatever else we can to foster the desire to become citizens here because we are all so rich.' Yes, her own words. She was celebrating her successes.Her numbers show that so far in the last 3 years, we have gotten 130 PER MONTH into our town. All refugee status, and not including the flood of international students each semester, nor all the 'migrant' workers for harvest. I asked her what the benefits are to having refugee status over being an immigrant, and she said enormous! She outlined how they get 'benefits' right away and special programs to 'help them integrate' telling me in great detail of all the free stuff for them and ended with them not having to really decide to actually start the 'road to citizenship' for up to 25 years from their date of arrival because we 'help' them so much. So she drives off in her BMW and I load my children into our '87 van thinking something has to be done.
Think about those numbers. Towns and cities everywhere are crying out for a way to increase their police force because with mass immigration comes mass crime increase. Think about how this has affected our town in the last 3 years. I can tell you it has changed dramatically, and not for the good. Thank you for helping us have avenues of getting our voices heard on this subject. And no, this is not a race issue.

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S.A. 9389 of MD's picture

True the vote. Vote and man the polls.Get out of our comfort zones and talk to family neighbors and friends and breach the politically correct fence by stating facts.The government uses us against ourselves.They know there is only so far they can get so they get us to give up our own freedoms.We do not have a truly free press and we do not longer have privacy, yet we yield.Do not yield. This is hearts and minds. We have to get active and be willing to shine a light on this darkness. I do not have to make the Republican party my party forever. I don't have to love Mitt Romney, and agree with him on everything and think he would be my buddy. I can't un-know what Obama has and has not done.We can show and pray that they are not too brain dead to do the right thing. We need them.

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Valerie 1488 of CA's picture

After the brain-washing kids receive at many schools, this is a great ad to show them how open borders and unfair competition affect them personally.

Richard 1467 of NE's picture
Throwing money and taking in refugees from problem areas has done nothing to improve the problem areas. No one place on earth can swallow the enormous numbers no matter how rich it is. These so called Professors are ghoulishly evil or ghoulishly ignorant. I have seen and spoken to many immigrant refugees. You can see the self-shame on their face. They admit their shame and feeling of helplessness yet try to make sense of what the so called “intelligent people that know what they are talking about” tell them. They did not want to end life as they knew it and come to the US. They wanted to build on the life they knew. Thus they feel like the walking dead of a life they did not want dead. Like all problem areas in the world they needed a strong defense to protect them from oppressors which would enable them to construct a strong structure. The US voter is destroying its own structure and defense. The voters in all democratic societies are directly to blame for what is happening today.
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