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Currently high levels of legal immigration combined with illegal immigration are proving to be a detriment to the 25 Million Americans who can't find full-time work. In light of Arizona's passage of SB1070, this ad demonstrates that negative impact.

American workers
Illegal Immigration
Attrition through Enforcement
Allen 6727 of HI's picture
What has happened to the America I have always known?Try to do the right thing,take care of family, help others when needed, and generally do the right things according to Christian values (even if you do not believe in GOD) This country was built on these Judeo-Christian values
Timothy 1569 of IL's picture
Allen,Big business exported us out of existence, or are importing foreign workers from around the globe to replace us. An over abundance of low skilled and cheap workers has destroyed the middle class to the point we can no longer take care of our infrastructure, i.e. schools, streets, and our own poor and the country is in decay at a rapid rate When we had the middle class working and paying taxes we had strength. We don't have that luxury any longer, chaos in our streets and an invasion of illegal people have left us a little frayed around the edges and we have to become a bit more involved in taking care of the country before we can again welcome the worlds poor.
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Timothy 1569 of IL's picture
I hope to see everybody in Arizona on the 5th of June showing support for Arizona on the bravery of her weak but broad sholders.
Mary 2594 of FL's picture
Enough is enough. It is time that Tea Party folks and what conservative remnants are left of the Republicans, and Democrats of a like mind get together and stop the hi-jacking of our values and our money!!! It is time the Grandmas and the Grampas, sons and daughters and children put this country back on the right track. Stop this runaway spending encouraged by all in congress. Tighten their belts just as we have to tighten ours. If they can't get their job done in two, four or six years then out they go. In this day of instant communication there is no reason that almost anyone cannot do the job better than those we currently have in office. Forget about nice. Hold their feet to the fire with direct questions and don't be put off by evasive answers.
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Robert 7362 of CA's picture
You should be. I am in California and there is not much to be proud of here. Pelosi! What a loser! California is still trying to figure out the 2nd amendment. They are not ready to tackle illegal immigration.
Robert 7362 of CA's picture
Our leaders are so out of touch! As if Mexico is a shining example to the world of how to run a country. This idiot comes here and complains about SB 1070, the Arizona anti-illegal immigration law. Then, to ad insult to injury Obama and out elected representatives give him a standing ovation. Stick to you guns Arizona! I am ready to move to AZ to help!
Robert 7362 of CA's picture
In addition to allowing people to illegally enter the U.S. and take our jobs, much of the money leaves our economy headed for Mexico and out of our economy. Had the money stayed here, it would have created more jobs.
Sandra 6217 of KY's picture
The Democrats should be ashamed of themselves for the standing ovation they gave them President of Mexico who did nothing but criticize America and our laws. He never brought up how stringent his own immigration laws are. I personally believe that people, especially all politicians, are breaking our laws by condoning and supporting illegal immigration and aiding illegal aliens with social services, education and social services to name a few. They are, in essence, breaking our laws by doing this and also harming the American people especially by illegally hiring aliens when so many Americans are jobless. I am not foolish enough to think that anything will come of this, but it is how I feel. Only politicians and illegal aliens have a free pass at breaking our laws and getting away with it.
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Adam 0989 of NY's picture
Countries like Mexico and Philippines depend on their nationals working in the U.S. to sustain their economy. They pay no taxes in the U.S. (except for sales taxes), and most of their money goes back home. In the meantime, American workers who pay taxes are unemployed. It's not true they only do jobs that Americans do not want to do. If they are paid right, Americans will do any job well.
Harvey 3093 of NY's picture
That's the problem, we don't want to pay more for Americans when we can get cheap Mexican workers.The only way to stop that is to eliminate the cheap workers.
Louella 2392 of MO's picture
Please read the book, "Mexifornia". This book reveals the future of our country if we do not stop illegal immigration and anchor children from being born. Do you realize that a person who holds a green card but has never worked a day in our country is eligible for Social Security and Medicare benefits when they turn 65? This must stop! NO work no benefits even if you are here legally on a green card.
Ron 1279 of NE's picture
"wont do the jobs" actually upsets me greatly. ive worked on clean up crews at slaughterhouses, in the worse rooms- rendering, where the leftovers are augered into trucks, and in the 'offal' dept where they clean out the intestines for overseas shipping. ive also cleaned out 'bullracks and pigdecks'.they are the livestock trailers that carry the animals to the slaughterhouse. yes, those feces filled trailers. ive climbed into them in a yellow wetsuit, and did my job. it was my job. so, when people say that the illegal aliens are doin the jobs Americans wont, i feel highly offended, as i am underemployed and would do any of these jobs again to feed my children and pay my bills.i do not have a college education yet(in process), therefore i am constantly working around and with illegals.i cant afford this. can you? can OUR country? can OUR future?
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Ed 8236 of AZ's picture
Several Republican Senators are suspicious of President Obama – suspicious that his administration has a plan to give backdoor amnesty to illegal immigrants. The seven Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee just fired of a letter to homeland security chief Janet Napolitano demanding answers about a series of DHS memos that were made public. -- ...What does the letter from the Senators allege? Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC): ...if you read the memos, and I think you've got them, it's a detailed analysis of how the administration can get around deporting certain people. If you catch someone who is here illegally and they might be covered under the Dream Act, if it is ever passed, let's look at not deporting them. If you catch someone who in the future might be getting an Ag job, if the bill ever passed... So they're looking for ways, not to deport people who are here illegally, creating administrative exceptions to the law that do create amnesty. There are two memos in question. We want to know who wrote them and how serious they are... it is an attempt to get around Congress .. it is a political document.
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Florence 0183 of NJ's picture
I am suspicious of Obama also. I never saw so many illegal aliens as I ddid around the holidays. They were everywhere. I almost felt like they had been told that they were going to get or had gotten amnesty. They looked mighty happy pushing their shopping cart piled high with food stamp food. Sickening!
S.A. 9389 of MD's picture
Today is the FIRST time (Thursday August 30) this video would play for me and I think it is more representative of the population(s) involved in this plight. Our plight. Thanks for fixing it for me to see because this is a strong one. The freeze frame could even be a poster and would be understood