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The Senate Gang of Eight immigration bill would offer a minimum of 33 million lifetime work permits in the first decade alone (11 million to current illegal immigrants, 11 million to new legal immigrants in a continuation of the current system, another 5 million chain migration relatives of immigrants who have applied but are waiting for their slot in other countries and 6 million new immigrants through new categories and expanded existing categories of immigration).  The 33 million in a single decade is almost half of all immigrants who have ever entered the U.S. in its history.
Meanwhile, federal reports show that 20 million Americans want a full-time job but cannot find one because too many people are looking for too few jobs. This disenfranchised population is disproportionately less educated (no college), disabled, veterans and Black and Hispanic Americans).
More than a thousand lobbyists for corporate special interests are pushing legislation to keep the U.S. labor market loose and to lower the wages of most U.S. workers, both foreign-born and U.S.-born.
America's Jobless
American workers
Legal Immigration
Illegal Immigration
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This is a great ad. It gets right to the point. Q: What's in it for US workers? A: Lower wages and higher levels of unemployment. Every senior graduating form high school and college needs to see hear this message.
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Amnesty no & why please read asap

i have seen no message about these ramifications related to amnesty and it should scare you.... Nothing to do with jobs... Just benefits

Amnesty will allow all illegal aliens who are over 65 or disabled of any age to receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) which is issued by Social Security for citizens who have never worked or who have not paid into SSA and they will be eligible for Food Stamps and Medicaid/free medical .

The parents of children born in the US will be able to be added to the children's welfare cases entitled to food stamps and medical/Medicaid .

Social Security will be inundated with applications for valid Social Security Cards and Financial benefits . Hundreds will have to be hired and larger offices built throughout the states . The same will be necessary for Welfare Offices .. more offices and more workers .

Yes we will indeed be sharing the wealth and be by the book a socialist country!
( I worked for welfare for 25 years . Be sure to check out what I state and pass it on)

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