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On Sept. 8, 2009, the executive order mandating federal contractors to use E-Verify finally went into effect. And, after Pres. Obama's address to a joint session of Congress, lawmakers are looking into adding a verification mechanism into the health care reform proposals.

Roy Beck
Health Care
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Dear Roy, Re your great articles on Church support of Illegals Invaders, Amnesty etc--I am religiously posting these (or at least extracts and a full LINK) on the TWO Episcopal Church, (and several individual Episc church) Facebook pages.
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The grand plan is to grant amnesty, that is why they will put the language in the health care bill to exclude illegals, and approve e verify. Very simple, every illegal wil be made legal soon. Dems get the last laugh.
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Once more the President is lying to WE THE PEOPLE there is NO mechanism in the OBAMACARE BILL to EXCLUDE ILLEGAL ALIENS from receiving TAXPAYER FUNDED HEALTHCARE. Gail from CA
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If obama,and his minions continue to foster on the citizens of this country his vision of America,then,we must insist he uses verification that is in place.Hey pres,use e-verify and put Americans back to work.Your vision of America,is not mine.