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Roy Beck further explains a new report that discusses the positive impact the border fence has had on the area's ecosystems.

Attrition through Enforcement
border fence
James 3743 of OH's picture
Sorry but I disagree with the fence idea for many reasons..No job & no freebies including welfare-birthright citizenship ect. will make more of an impact than a fence ever would..USA today had an article on what its costing each year to repair the fences & there are such things as ladders & shovels also besides torches so I think the fence idea is expensive as well as impractical..Interior enforcement & no special favors or amnesties is the key in my opinion..
Roy 453 of VA's picture
James, I fully agree with you that the fence is not the main way to stop illegal immigration. Turning off the jobs magnet is the No. 1 way. But what the news reports show is that the fence has cut illegal alien crossing by 90% (from 300,000 to 30,000 per year) in that one part of Arizona. It isn't 100% effective, but that is might impressive.
James 8958 of CA's picture
We need every possible deterent, think about drug smugglers and military enemies. When ever was money an issue in this case. You put a fence around your backyard, well same thing here.
Norman 6260 of CA's picture
Sorry guys but it just isn't the only the border. Go up the coast to Oxnard, Santa Paula and see the mess along the rivers, trash and refuge not cleaned up. Old cars where several will sleep eat or keep out of the weather. There is an excess even in the Ag labor market. We find many fights between steady reliable workers and the illegals that want there jobs. they will fight (severe) for that right and hang out along the felds waiting for a position.
WF&MrsSC 0528 of CA's picture
I disagree with you the fence is not the main way to stop Illegals but it has cut the Illegalsby 90%. 2. We need law and order and 3.No giving them jobs is Americans (thousands ) Need jobs and Americans Come First.!! 4. We need every deterent to stop drugs, military enemies, criminals and the mess they create sleeping everywhere. 5. They are costing usbillions with all the Freebies. Please Seal the borders.
Harold  1985 of SD's picture
We can realize now if we did not before that most environmental orgs are not true to the environment. If they were honest about the environment they would not have fought the fence and would have condemned illegals long ago