“The bill’s idea that more immigration will put more Americans to work was supported by only 24 percent of union households, 23 percent of Catholics, 14 percent of Evangelicals, 8 percent of high school grads, 14 percent of both conservatives and moderates, 18 percent of independents and 13 percent of Republicans,” read a statement from NumbersUSA, which sponsored the poll.

NumbersUSA is an advocacy group that seek to shrink the annual inflow of 1 million immigrants and 700,000 temporary guest-workers.

The NumbersUSA poll paints a very different picture from other polls, many of which have been promoted by the bill’s supporters. The discordant results can be seen in a June 19 poll by Gallup, which showed that 87 percent of voters support an amnesty if illegal immigrants comply with several conditions, and 83 percent support stiffer border controls.

According to the NumbersUSA poll, “every demographic group showed low support for the bill’s increase in less-educated foreign workers, including Republicans (7 percent), moderates (8 percent), high school grads (4 percent), Hispanics (19 percent) and the young age 18-39 (14 percent),” said the statement.

“Perhaps Republicans’ corporate donors are cheered by a bill that the Congressional Budget Office finds would lower the wages of American workers by pouring too many foreign workers into the labor market,” said a statement from Roy Beck, president of NumbersUSA. “But the poll shows that the demographic groups who tend to provide the votes to put Republicans into office won’t be at all pleased if senators vote for the bill’s huge increases in immigrant workers.”

By Neil Munro in The Daily Caller

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Updated: Mon, Jun 24th 2013 @ 3:10pm EDT