The public, while having some sympathy for some amnesty under all those very tough conditions, isn’t interested at all in increasing immigration and increasing the level of foreign workers," said NumbersUSA executive director Roy Beck.
Beck said that many Americans are comfortable with the basic idea of allowing a path to citizenship for immigrants but are not at all happy with the idea of a wave of foreign workers flooding the country. He also pointed out that the business sector is running against this sentiment.
"The business community has put hundreds of millions of dollars into trying to get these immigration increases through because it really goes against the basic thoughts and nature of the American voters," Beck said.
NumbersUSA's polling tends to support these feelings if the respondent's sentiment against foreign workers is any indication.
Executive Director Beck also felt that if his poll was any indication, the debate could be radically altered if the focus of the discussion were changed to jobs. "Once you frame the issue as the American worker versus bringing in foreign workers there seems to be no question where the Americans are," he said.

By Warner Todd Huston in Breitbart News

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Updated: Fri, Aug 16th 2013 @ 11:31am EDT