“This poll frames the issue the way we want to frame it … in a jobs context,” said Roy Beck, head of NumbersUSA, which wishes to reduce the annual influx of 1 million immigrants and 650,000 non-agricultural guest workers.

“Americans don’t like the idea of increased immigration in the Senate bill … and a plurality of them would rather reduce immigration,” he said.

Beck said his poll highlights public opposition to the most important feature of the “immigration reform” coalition — a doubling of immigration into a country where many workers are unemployed, underemployed, underpaid and under pressure from increasingly automated workplaces.

“If the Republicans want to win elections, they have to have wage-earners voting for them [because] they’re aren’t enough rich people and capitalists to come close,” he said.

“It strengthens the rank and file Republican House members … what we hope they will do is stand up to the House Republican leadership and say, ‘We don’t want any of these immigration-increase bills to come to the floor,’” he said.

By Neil Munro in The Daily Caller

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Updated: Fri, Aug 16th 2013 @ 4:15pm EDT