And even if legislators host a town hall in August, outside groups still face the challenge of mobilizing its members to attend. “In any organization only a small fraction are actually going to walk outside and go somewhere,” says Roy Beck, executive director of NumbersUSA, which advocates for lower immigration levels. “Most of them are doing things like the phone calls and e-mails.”

Still NumbersUSA plans on taking a few cues from the old playbook, circulating among its 2 million members a list of 50 town-hall events targeting 22 House Republicans over the next three days. “Our game plan is to hold the Republicans because almost all of them are of the mind at the moment that they don’t want to have to vote on amnesty this fall,” says Beck. “So the job of our activists is to help reassure them that that’s the right thing to do.”

By Alex Rogers in Time

immigration reform

Updated: Mon, Aug 5th 2013 @ 5:05pm EDT