"U.S. President Barack Obama on Sunday displayed great receptivity to the proposals of his Central American counterparts on the question of immigration reform, several of the leaders said after their meeting....

“There was commitment to support comprehensive immigration reform. Details were not discussed, but supporting the process was. The atmosphere was very good, cordial, sincere,” Colom said.

He and his colleagues from El Salvador, Tony Saca, and Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, emphasized that Obama had been especially receptive to one of the major concerns of Central American countries: the matter of deportations.

On the immigration issue, which completely dominated the meeting, the leaders also discussed matters like the possibilities for ensuring family reunification, quotas for agricultural jobs and the fight against drug trafficking, all within a friendly atmosphere amid which the leaders agreed in general terms on almost everything they talked about."

Latin American Herald Tribune (Caracas, Venezuela), 19 April 2009

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