When her 3-year-old son begs for pizza, or when her family is shivering through a subfreezing night in the Mexican highlands — those are the moments when Rosario Araujo misses America the most.

Three months ago, Araujo and her husband, José Zavala, were still living comfortably, though illegally, in a suburb of Phoenix. He hung drywall for $10 an hour; she was a housekeeper. Their version of the American dream was modest: a small apartment, a washing machine and an occasional night out with their two American-born kids.

Then the economic crisis hit, and work dried up. So in October, the family moved back to central Mexico's empty plains, joining a small but growing flow of migrants heading home because of the U.S. recession.

Chris Hawley, USA Today, December 10, 2008

Illegal Immigration

Updated: Wed, Dec 17th 2008 @ 2:20pm EST