Utahns continue to be divided about whether the state should allow students who are undocumented immigrants but graduates of state high schools to pay in-state tuition.

A new Salt Lake Tribune poll found 47 percent of Utahns want to repeal a law granting such students in-state tuition. That's three percent higher than a 2008 poll, but the difference is within the polls' margin of error.

"Less than half the population are interested in repealing the law," said Theresa Martinez, assistant vice president for academic outreach at the University of Utah. "Even with all the negative antics, the rhetoric and reactionary response of those who want to crush the hopes of students, we still haven't had a substantial public opinion change."

By Sheena McFarland -- The Salt Lake Tribune

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Updated: Mon, Feb 1st 2010 @ 11:38am EST