The candidates were asked whether they would force employers to use the E-verify system to ensure that only legal citizens are hired.

Medina: No. "We have a process in Texas.  . . .  We use the I-9 forms.  . . .  Also, the Texas driver’s license is an acceptable form of identification . . . yet in Texas we are issuing Texas driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. Stop issuing Texas driver’s licenses toward illegal immigrants would go a long way."

Perry: No. "E-verify is a clearly federal program.  . . .  Speaking of the federal government, that’s where the problem lies with this issue.  . . .  E-verify would not make a hill of beans’ difference when it comes to what’s happening in America today."

Hutchison: Yes. "E-verify is the best system that we have that would allow an employer to do what they need to do. We have to give employers the tools to find out if someone is legal."

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Updated: Mon, Oct 2nd 2017 @ 4:31pm EDT