The Honorable Heath Shuler

422 Cannon House Office Building

Washington, DC 20515


Dear Congressman Shuler,


It is with highest enthusiasm and expectation that NumbersUSA endorses your re-introduction of the SAVE Act in the U.S. House of Representatives.


The SAVE Act, if passed and implemented this year, would probably do more than any other action of Congress to put unemployed Americans back to work over the next years.  By separating U.S. jobs from illegal foreign workers, the SAVE Act would open up millions of manufacturing, service and construction jobs to our returning military veterans and other unemployed Americans.


Our 900,000 activist members in every congressional district of the nation salute you for your work toward a more economically just America.


The SAVE Act (Secure America with Verification and Enforcement) addresses the core issue of illegal immigration: the jobs magnet.   It recognizes that our illegal immigration mess has primarily been caused by our government allowing unscrupulous businesses to hire illegal workers at the expense of our most vulnerable fellow citizens and of our local communities.


Your proposal would benefit the vast majority of businesses that are law abiding by leveling the playing field for them, cutting out the unfair competition by businesses that hire cheaper illegal labor while forcing taxpayers to subsidize most of the costs.


The SAVE Act would put millions of Americans back to work at a cost only a fraction of any of the job-creation programs that are out there.


Congressman, your leadership on this issue is a source of great hope for the 15 million Americans actively looking for a full-time job but unable to find any work at all – and to the 10 million additional Americans who fall in the federal U-6 Unemployment classification. 


Your legislation entails the common sense of most U.S. voters who believe that their government should not force at least 7 million Americans to be unemployed by allowing 7 million people from other countries to illegally settle in this country and currently hold manufacturing, service and construction jobs. 


Seven million Americans and their households are without paychecks, without employee benefits and possibly facing house foreclosures because successive Congresses and Presidents of both Parties have refused to provide the economic and physical security that the SAVE Act offers.  


The SAVE Act is the middle-ground answer to the illegal immigration issue.  It does not primarily rely on armed teams forcibly removing illegal workers from their jobs, or arrests of illegal workers in their everyday lives, or costly deportations.  Rather, it transfers jobs from illegal workers to unemployed Americans through a civil, peaceful process, primarily handled over the internet.


SAVE will open up millions of jobs to Americans by a phased in program in which every worker eventually will be run through an augmented E-Verify system that will weed out those people who have illegally taken these jobs from U.S. citizens and legal immigrants.


The E-Verify system already is one of the most accurate and reliable systems in the entire federal government.  But while it has succeeded in preventing any legal worker from losing a job because of mistakes in the system, many illegal workers who have stolen identities currently are able to “beat” E-Verify and keep their jobs.  Congressman Shuler, we are most appreciative of your efforts in the SAVE Act to institute additional measures that will identify and remove from their jobs most of these ID thieves.


The time to pass the SAVE Act is now as the nation suffers from a jobs depression. We cannot imagine how any Members of Congress can face the unemployed in their Districts and explain why they fail to support your bill that would put so many of them back to work at so little government cost.


Finally, we want to thank you for what this Act will do for “the least of these” among our fellow citizens.  The  U-6 Unemployment Rate is above 30% for young adults (age 18-29) of all races who have no more than a high school degree.  And the Rate is far higher for U.S.-born Hispanic and Black Americans.  Perhaps the kindest, quickest help Congress could give to these suffering groups of Americans would be to pass the SAVE Act.


Your Act does nearly everything needed to remove the jobs magnet for illegal immigration and takes important steps toward increased border security and interior enforcement.  More tools will be needed to ultimately solve this problem, but the SAVE Act would tremendously improve our current situation. 


NumbersUSA’s nearly million members will work diligently to educate the nation and the Congress about the need for the passage of your bill.



                                                            Roy Beck

                                                            President, NumbersUSA