John Koster

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John Koster (GOP)

Candidate Notes

We are a nation of immigrants. The debate and problems we have today are not about legal immigration, but illegal immigration. The debate is also a matter of national security. We must secure our borders. We are a nation of laws; therefore, we first need to enforce our existing immigration laws. I will oppose efforts to provide amnesty for illegal aliens. Second, we need to revamp and reinstitute our "guest worker program" that offers temporary visas for those wishing to come from other countries to work as seasonal workers. Washington's farmers have a need for seasonal workers. Washington farmers have a need for seasonal agricultural workers. However, any guest worker program should never provide a fraudulent cover for those seeking to flout our immigration laws. 

- 2012 Koster for Congress website 

“I think for kids who have come here illegally … I think they should become citizens when they become 18 years of age,” Koster said. So does he support the DREAM Act? “If they’re born here, they are [citizens] by birth, but I think their parents should create a path to become citizens of the US. I think for those children, we should make a path for them to become citizens. Otherwise, they should go home.”

We need a path to citizenship. For those people who are here illegally, go back and come through a system. …If we can track cattle with chips, we can certainly provide a way for citizens to go through a process to be legal in this country.

We talk about E-Verify for, one of the biggest problem for farmers, if you understand farm handling, they’re going to have twenty workers in the field today, they’re going to have twenty tomorrow too, but they may not be the same twenty. So the question is, how do you verify that? How do you do that simply? Well, you know what? Technology, imagine that. Technology.

Why can’t we use QR codes on the back of an identification card, and every farm, just about everybody carries one of those phones, you can put an app and a QR code, and I know instantly whether that person’s here illegally or not, and I know who they are. 

-Skagit Business Alliance debate, Publicola at Seattle Met, 9.24.12.  

Koster believes that the country should enforce its immigration laws more tightly. He supports E-Verify, though he acknowledges it needs improvement. The U.S. should have a process for people in the country illegally, so they can change their status, he says. Children brought into the country illegally when they were young should be able to go through a process to become legal citizens by the time they are 18, he said.

-"1st Congressional District: Koster, DelBene Provide Stark Contrast," Seattle Times, 10.9.12.  



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