2010 Idaho 1st District Race


House Election:


Raul Labrador (GOP) *Incumbent

Election Notes

On KBOI, Labrador responded to the Birthright Citizenship issue: "I don't think we should be tinkering with the 14th Amendment ... I have a problem with changing the 14th Amendment. I think we need to be careful with that."

Minnick television ad on immigration:

Comments from Mr. Labrador at a Boise City Club Immigration Forum on the Dream Act:

"... A second small change is a bill called the DREAM act. And actually I believe our two senators are cosponsors of the DREAM Act. ... A child who came to the United States of no fault of her own, graduated from high school, and is in a post secondary, post high school type of setting – whether it’s trade school, college anything like that – would give them the opportunity to become legal.

"... it would have helped millions and millions and millions of people. And then, we could have people really get in the back of the line and do it like other people’s grandparents did it by following the law. The problem with following the law right now is that it doesn’t make any sense."

Comments from Mr. Labrador at May 2010 press conference:
"Once the chaos at the border has subsided, i believe we can have a rational discussion about what we should do with those already here, who got here illegally. We can have a conversation about the need of Idaho’s agricultural sector for a steady, dependable supply of labor. We need to greatly streamline our guest worker program while making sure American workers are protected against the in-flow of cheap labor.

"Let me make it clear – especially to Mr. Ward and his handlers – that I do not support amnesty for illegal aliens.

"That’s why I have always advocated that those here illegally must return to their home countries and apply to re-enter per the laws of the United States of America. However, I believe massive police round-ups are both freightening and expensive. They will deplete our resources and I fear would take too long. Therefore, to help speed-up the process, I would be willing to offer illegals who have a desire to become legal productive members of our society an incentive to come forward: should they do so willingly and in some reasonable time-frame – we would give them consideration by the state department to return legally."

Lewiston Tribune article on Rep. Minnick and immigration reform:
Minnick looking at immigration reform options


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