Faith Loudon

Updated Monday, October 22, 2012, 6:17 PM EDT


Faith Loudon (GOP)

Candidate Notes

While legal immigration is one of the things that made our nation great, I strongly believe in protecting our borders and national security. A porous border allows people who would do us harm to enter our country. We must remain vigilant against terrorism. We take all sorts of precautions at airports, from removing our shoes to full body scans, yet we don’t close the border. It makes no sense.

Immigration takes jobs away from people who are here legally. Granting citizenship to illegal immigrants creates an incentive for them to disregard the rule of law. It is unfair and insulting to all the immigrants who followed the rules. Previous waves of immigrants were part of the melting pot and made America strong. They learned English enabling them to be successful members of our society while maintaining their ethnic heritage.

-"District 4 Congressional Candidate Questions & Answers," Capital Gazette, 10.19.12.



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