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Have a cell phone?

Imagine sitting in your chair one late afternoon. All of a sudden your phone receives a text message from NumbersUSA, indicating that the Senate has attached an Amnesty rider to a must pass bill. The text indicates that you can reply "OK" to receive talking points and a phone number. After replying you receive a follow up text and dial the number (or simply touch the number for those of you with smart phones), connect with your representative’s office, and demand that the Amnesty rider be removed from the bill.

Crisis averted.

Well, you don't have to imagine this. Sign up for free NumbersUSA’s Action Alerts today! Enter your phone number and the email associated with your NumbersUSA account at

With the advances in cell phone capabilities, more than just this is possible. Imagine being able to reply "FAX" to a text alert and we send a fax you have approved to Congress on your behalf.

Or sign a petition by replying with your name.

Cell phone activism is an easy and effective way to make a difference. You can expect to see a number of different actions available by cell phone in the weeks and months ahead, but only if you sign up.

Just like the faxes we deliver to Congress for our members, we intend to keep this text service free as well. NumbersUSA activists have never failed to support the tools that make a difference, and we thank you for that!

If you have an iPhone, don't forget to download our iPhone app as well. Imagine2050, a pro-Amnesty group, has been very active in trying to get Apple to ban our iPhone application from being available for download.

The pro-Amnesty groups do not want you to be able to have a voice, especially using the mobile capabilities that make cell phones effective. They know you will be quicker to respond and better equipped to defeat them like you did with the Dream Act Amnesty last fall.

Thank you for your support. Take a few minutes to enter your phone number and email at

If you have any difficulties or questions, I will try to answer them in the comments below.

SOLOMON GIFFORD is the Director of Technology for NumbersUSA


Updated: Fri, Apr 1st 2011 @ 12:52pm EDT

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