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  by  Phillip Zanders

NumbersUSA this week achieved a milestone that few organizations can even dream of. We recruited our 1 Millionth Activist who can send a fax to Congress.

That’s right, 1 Million Americans just like you have sent a fax, urging Members of Congress to support more sensible immigration policies. If you do the math, this amounts to 2,300 NumbersUSA members in each of the 435 Congressional Districts nationwide!

NumbersUSA continues to rank among the nation's Top 5 public policy advocacy organizations in terms of website views and overall Internet traffic. We are constantly referenced and mentioned in news and media reports. Adding our 1 Millionth Activist only reinforces our position as a dominant player in the political arena. But more importantly, it shows just how deeply and passionately the average American truly cares about ensuring that our immigration laws are properly enforced and carried out.

Far too often, the pro-amnesty movement and its media supporters declare that American citizens prefer amnesty and an open-border policy over enforcing immigration laws. But having 1 Million citizens fax, phone and visit Congress in support of our views sends a very different message. And this reinforces national polls that show that an overwhelming majority of Americans agree with enforcing immigration laws over granting massive amnesties to illegal aliens.

Even though this is a tremendous milestone, we still have a long way to go in getting Congress to actually support the immigration policies our national leaders have been reluctant to make a priority over the years. We need all 1 million of our registered activists and many more.

Most Members of Congress have an immigration grade that desperately needs improving. The broad support for the new Arizona bill shows that upholding our immigration laws even reaches the state level of government as well. Now more than ever, we need our Activists to utilize NumbersUSA's state faxing capabilities in order to get your state legislative assembly to enact enforcement laws similar to the new Arizona enforcement law.

And don’t forget about the Schumer/Graham/Menendez amnesty bill, which is still looming over Congress. Prominent officials from the President down to church leaders are determined to see an amnesty pass before the fall elections. But the only thing keeping a bill off the floor of Congress is the enormous opposition generated by our activists!

As immigration continues to be one of the top domestic policy issues currently facing the nation, we hope that we will add even more members to our ranks and continue to grow in the future.

We constantly get responses asking what steps our members can take to become more involved. Well, you can help us grow even more by sending this link -- -- to everyone you know, and urge them to become a part of NumbersUSA, America’s Largest Immigration-Reduction Organization!

PHILLIP ZANDERS is the Membership Development Assistant for NumbersUSA

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Updated: Fri, May 28th 2010 @ 12:32pm EDT

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