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  by  Phillip Zanders
Our NumbersUSA petition implored President Obama to reject any policy which would amnesty the estimated 7 million illegal foreign workers residing in the United States. Member “James7427 of IA” commented on a recent blog by Roy Beck:
Do you know what the final name count was on that petition at the beginning of the year that NumbersUSA planned to send the Obama Administration upon taking office? I don't remember what the exact subject of it was, just that it related to immigration enforcement. The reason why I am asking is because America's Voice, a pro-amnesty, anti-enforcement group that aims to emulate NumbersUSA's grass-roots tactics, submitted a petition with 38,000 signatures calling for an investigation of Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona. It seems to me that we had a lot more signatures on our petition calling for more enforcement.
So how did WE do?

We were able to get over 147,000 American citizens to sign our endorsement of American workers over illegal aliens. And as James noted, America's Voice was only able to muster 38,000 people to sign their petition! This truly suggests that a majority of American citizens prefer worker verification such as the E-Verify program over refusing to enforce the law.

We delivered our petition to Melody Barnes, the President’s Domestic Policy Adviser and the Director of the Domestic Policy Council (DPC). The DPC coordinates the domestic policy-making process in the White House and will play a pivotal role in crafting the President's immigration policy, should he choose to address immigration.

As hundreds of thousands of American citizens are added to the unemployment ranks each month, a proposal to offer permanent employment to illegal alien workers will bring great harm to America’s most vulnerable citizens, especially during this time of economic instability.

We believe that U.S. citizens and legal residents, AND NOT ILLEGAL ALIENS, are entitled to all U.S.-based employment opportunities. Hopefully, after seeing the response of our petition compared to the anti-enforcement petition by America's Voice, Ms. Barnes and President Obama will realize the same.

Phillip Zanders is the Membership Development Assistant at NumbersUSA
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