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President Obama has set multiple guidelines to protect our land for future generations. Somehow the politicians who are most vocal about protecting our environment often do not want to address how current immigration policies are detrimental to this goal. This new video and a short summary video explain how the United States cannot reach its environmental goals unless it stops its policy of forcing large population growth through mass immigration.

The more people that the United States imports, the more demand on our natural resources. Our population is growing exponentially, and we are looking to add an additional 100 million people over the next fifty years. As Roy points out in the video, we have added 100 million people since 1970- from 200 million to 300 million in 2006. We are adding over 30 million people each decade. All of these additional people contribute to the depletion of our resources- water, gas, oil, food, and land.
“I realized by about 1979 that nearly every goal that the country had set in the late sixties, early seventies for environmental protection- the clean water act, the wilderness act, the clean air act, you go down the line- we were missing those goals, and we were missing them substantially because we were adding population so fast…Congress had greatly increased immigration and was setting us back.” – Roy Beck

We need to remind our elected officials that regardless of their environmental initiatives and regulations, if we continue our policy of mass immigration that promotes rapid population growth, our country’s resources will still suffer.

"[President Clinton’s] Council on Sustainable Development said America cannot reach its environmental goals unless it cuts immigration. Why? Because it can’t reach its environmental goals if it continues to have population growth, and immigration is driving most of that population growth." – Roy Beck

Please watch the new video for statistics on how quickly our population is growing and how imperative it is that Congress and President Obama take immigration into consideration as a major environmental factor when determining environmental policy.

JENNY MAGYARI is the Assistant to the President at NumbersUSA

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