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  by  Jenny Magyari

With the recent controversy over adding verification to the health care reform bill prohibiting illegal aliens from participating in a government plan, it is a good time to question why so many from neighboring countries, and all over the world, want to come to America.

The most obvious answer is that we reward lawbreakers with jobs, free emergency room health care, and free education (not to mention other benefits that can be obtained by cheating the system with false documentation). They are able to find employers who have no moral qualms about hiring them and breaking the laws of our country. As if it couldn’t get any better, the cherry on top is that we have a President who is continuously making appearances on Spanish Language Programs and promising viewers “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” (read: amnesty) as early as next year.  

In the new video, The Greener Grass, immigration experts explain why so many are willing to cross the border and overstay visas to remain in our country. Many of these illegal aliens cannot receive the benefits and good treatment they do in America in their home countries. The truth is that the United States cannot accept every person in the world who is worse off than the average American. The rate at which we currently accept foreigners is already detrimental to the quality of life of our citizens.

Many foreign governments have little problem with their citizens illegally living in America—it means less benefits they have to pay, fewer jobs they have to provide, and more money their country receives from their citizens residing in America. It is estimated that $23 billion is sent back to Mexico each year from Mexicans living in America.  Worldwide, $300 billion is sent home from foreigners working in America.

Taking all of this into account, how can this change? Our President and many leaders in Congress insist on continuing to provide taxpayer funded benefits to illegal aliens while promising them citizenship next year.

Just as Americans have done in the past few weeks, we must contact our elected officials and let them know that we do not want to encourage illegal immigration by offering illegal aliens incentives to break our laws. We must remind President Obama and Congress that we are paying attention. Please watch this video and keep the pressure on!

JENNY MAGYARI is the Assistant to the President at NumbersUSA

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Updated: Wed, Oct 7th 2009 @ 4:51pm EDT

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