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  by  Jenny Magyari

Hello NumbersUSA members! Some of you may have spoken with me if you’ve called our Arlington office. Communicating with members on a daily basis, I’ve heard so many of you express your frustration with your elected officials. Many of us can’t help but feel that our government has strayed from being an institution “of the People, by the People.” Our country was founded on the premise that Congressmen were supposed to represent their constituents, and it’s difficult not to become disillusioned when many of them vote in their own self interests.

Jim has shared many of the emails you have sent him with me, and it’s disheartening how many of you have told him that your Congressmen are not listening to you. It’s empowering, however, that our members continue to fight to have our voices heard! The new video, “Grassroots America”, explains the importance of taking a stand and forcing our Congressmen to listen to our opinions. Immigration experts explain how our elected officials make their decisions and how inimical their intentions are to our prosperity.

The grassroots movement is picking up speed and strength. What we value most at NumbersUSA is providing a simple way for our members in this grassroots movement to contact their Congressmen.

James of California wrote:

Hi Jim ….just wanted to write to you and thank you for all of your time and effort to get this government to listen to its constituents once and for all on the illegal aliens here…I read Mike’s story and it really struck a chord with me…as we have also been paying into the system for around 40 years….and our situation is that my 2 sons have now been out of work for around 6 months.

I am mad as hell at these so called “representatives”….the only thing they have ever represented is their pocket books by business lobby groups and getting illegal’s amnesty for new votes.

Thank you, James, for caring enough to want to fight for our cause. We need to remind our representatives that they are supposed to represent our interests. We’re thrilled that our organization provides the opportunity for our members to participate in their government. 

I can't call them, but I will keep faxing for as long as it takes. I tell them, too, that we elected them to represent us - all of us, and I am feeling unrepresented. This is why so many people have lost interest in voting. What's the point, if you don't get the representation?

Thanks again for the opportunity to contact these politicians. My resentment calms down a little after I send 5 or 6 faxes. If I find sometime there is extra money in my budget, I will definitely send it to you.

-- Maggie, Ohio

THE PEOPLE must stand-up for our Constitution & our Bill of Rights!! They are the 'Bed-Rock' of our society & are NON negotiable!! Keep-up your good work!

-- Bruce, Arizona

Know that even though I can't contribute right now, your service is helping a lot of people be able to contact politicians and I am honored to be able to do at least this much of my civic duty because of you.

-- Nancy, Oklahoma

We have to remember that if we don’t continue to fight, we have no chance!

God Bless you and your work and let's not forget WE PAY THE POLITICIANS, WE VOTE THEM IN OR OUT AND OUR VOICES WILL BE HEARD thanks to you!

-- Liz and Bryan, California

Liz and Bryan, you’re exactly right. Our politicians need to remember that they work for us, and we will remember their actions when election time comes. They must be reminded of what makes America great, and restore our government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Please watch the new video. Send it to your friends and neighbors. Our grassroots efforts are growing and people are fed up with feeling unrepresented. We need to spread the word that our strength is in our numbers and our collective voice.

JENNY MAGYARI is the Assistant to the President at NumbersUSA


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