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More of your Emails on Illegal Immigration and the Quality of Life


Hello, NumbersUSA members. Jim here.

I've been reading through (and answering) emails you’ve sent me lately. Many members have shared heartbreaking and hair raising tales of out-of-control immigration. Especially illegal immigration. Thought I'd share a few of the 100–200 emails members send me every week.

From the "everything’s broken" department:

I live in California, and our state and all of the taxpayers are straining already to pay for free education for the children of illegals, aid to needy children, housing the criminals, and the many other costs to the State of California and its taxpayers.Life used to be so good in California! My income taxes have gone up the last few years; my property taxes have gone up, and we are already giving the illegals free health care at our emergency rooms.

Our hospitals are going bankrupt, and many are closing emergency rooms. We have had one of our major hospitals close. Citizens are losing many of the state services for lack of funds…We never had the gangs in California before the influx of so many illegals. So, California is already suffering! We don't need another handout for them.

-Mareta, California

Mareta, do you know that it's estimated that California pays $3 billion each year to educate illegal aliens? Over $370,000,000 for illegal aliens in prison? Over $486,000,000 for emergency services provided to illegal aliens?

Building on this theme, listen to what Anita of Texas has to say:

We knew our high schools were now massive lost schools. My high school, one of the top three wealthiest high schools in Houston, now has 110 languages spoken. They also have less than a 45% graduation rate now.My husband's [old] high school, in a nice close-in suburban area of Houston, has 105 cameras to provide security.

-Anita, Texas

It's sad to see how quickly areas can change. Perry of Ohio comments:

My wife had a decent job but it seems since Columbus, Ohio was ‘chosen’ by Bill Clinton to flood with 20,000+ of 'relocated' Somali [refugees] in the late 1990s, jobs are dicey here & she was laid off...we are in bad shape in this city!

–Perry, Ohio

I get a lot of letters from California members. A whole, whole lot. But surprisingly, NumbersUSA members as a group are not overrepresented in that state compared with others. (To be exact, only 12% of our NumbersUSA members come from California.)

Here's a refreshing word from a Salinas, California member who does not feel the need of illegal alien cheap labor:

I live in Salinas, CA. They call us the "salad bowl of the world" but I grow my own vegetables and fruits in my own back yard! I can my veggies and jam my fruit as well as freeze for a later time. I get thorns in my fingers from black berry picking but wouldn't dream of someone else doing this work for me. I work 8a-6p every day, and on the weekends we work in our yard. My spouse mows his own lawn, our children take care of themselves and I clean my own house! So, I personally do not need illegal immigrants picking our vegetables in the fields, and trying to make me reliant on their work!

We are the minority in our city and we have the worse gang warfare going on! Our school are over-crowded and some of the worst in California now due to the large immigrant population who cannot speak English! We've had 21 murders so far this year! Over 8% more than in the larger city of San Jose, CA. And Congressman Sam Farr caters more to the illegals than representing American citizens! What can I do now???

–Melanie, California

Melanie, I’ll tell you what I tell everyone. Keep on faxing. Keep on telephoning. And especially, keep the faith! Don’t ever give up!


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