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This may be your last chance to fight an amnesty (cross your fingers!)


With the defeat of so many pro-Amnesty Members of Congress on election night, I thought we'd heard the last of amnesties for awhile. Didn't you?

Unfortunately, we have one more pretty steep mountain to climb as soon as Congress comes back from Thanksgiving.

The mid-term elections were definitely a turning point for immigration. An overwhelming majority of Americans rejected the constant push for amnesties by voting for anti-amnesty candidates. The immigration balance of power shifted dramatically on election night. More than three dozen pro-amnesty Democrats and Republicans won't be returning to the U.S. House in January. In the Senate, 4 Democrats and 4 Republicans who have failed to fight for enforcement are being replaced by 8 pro-enforcement Senators. And the number of True Reformer Members who have pledged to support all of our cuts in legal and illegal numbers has grown from 38 to 73!

But Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi didn't understand this message from the American people. Instead of focusing on getting Americans back to work, outgoing Speaker Pelosi and Sen. Leader Reid seem determined to take MORE jobs away from Americans and to give them to illegal aliens. Where is the justice in this?

Pelosi and Reid are determined to push through the DREAM Act Amnesty before the new Congress can be seated! In effect , Pelosi and Reid want to OVERTURN THE ELECTION! Haven't they learned anything? Amnesties like the DREAM Act are what so many Americans voted AGAINST. Just yesterday, an editorial published in Sen. Reid's hometown revealed his strategy:

"Anyone who thought Harry Reid would respond to his bruising re-election campaign and huge Democratic losses nationally by moving to the center, away from President Obama's agenda and toward a new focus on economic growth, is about to be proved wrong. "The Senate majority leader from Nevada intends to use the lame-duck session that begins Monday to push for passage of the Dream Act, a form of amnesty for illegal immigrants."

--Las Vegas Review-Journal, November 14 

The DREAM Act is the Amnesty that just won't die. Although its sponsors peddle it as a reward for academically talented students who want to go to college, the reality is different. The DREAM Act is a sweeping mass amnesty for most illegal aliens younger than 35. The Amnesty would make millions of illegal aliens legal and would put them on the path to citizenship.

It would make them eligible for welfare and Medicare. It would allow them to bring in family members from other countries.

See the threat? The LAST THING AMERICA NEEDS is the DREAM Act! This threat is very real. That's why we've asked our members to fax and call. And fax and call some more.

NumbersUSA members have ordered 200,000 faxes since Friday! Isn't that incredible! We love it. Our opponents in Congress HATE it! (And obviously, somebody's got to PAY for it.)

So please help us beat back this Amnesty by donating! If we can make it to January 15, the pressure will be off! The new Congress does not take over until January 15. Until then, Reid and Pelosi will continue attempts to shove amnesties through.

Are you as determined to stop Reid and Pelosi as I am? Then please, help NumbersUSA financially today! This battle is sure to set the tone for immigration in the next 2 years. Beating them now will make every battle in the new Congress much easier, since we will have a more sympathetic Congress to work with. However, if the other side wins on the DREAM Act now, this would give the open borders coalition the will and determination needed to pursue more bad stuff in the new Congress. So let's work together now and beat this!

JAMES ROBB is Vice President, Operations for NumbersUSA

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