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  by  James Robb

Obviously, you have already discovered our newly designed web site. Whether this is your first visit or you have already come here many times, welcome! You're going to be discovering many new features and much new content to increase the reach of your activisim.

In fact, there are so many new features and added content that we've designed a new Video Tour. The tour will give you a quick idea of what is on the website and how to get there.

Click on the Video Tour button at the top of the right-hand column on the home page (or press here). The tour is easy and fun, complete with animation and narration (so turn your computer speakers up!). The one trick to the tour is this: when you open the page, you'll see a TV-screen-like picture in the middle with a big arrow on it. Click on the arrow to start your tour.

Truthfully, even if you think you already know where everything is, check out the tour. I think you'll be amazed with the changes we've made.

If you take the Video Tour, consider leaving a comment below on whether it helped you. Thanks!

Jim Robb is NumbersUSA's Vice President, Operations

Updated: Thu, Jul 17th 2008 @ 4:18pm EDT

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